There can be many reasons for charging problems which are faced by iPhone users. Sometimes the iPhone is plugged in the socket, but actually, it is not charging. First of all, the iPhone user needs to check if it is not charging. And after that, they can opt for fixing the issues.

It needs to be checked whether the battery icon is showing some movement or not. If there’s a lightning sign in the battery icon, then absolutely the phone is charging. And simultaneously after plugging into the socket and the lightning sign is not showing then there might be some problem and can be fixed by following some points which are listed below.

Tips on how to fix the charging problem in iPhone

  • Check the charging port of the phone

The most likely to be the reason for not charging of your iPhone may be the charging port itself. There may be a lot of chances that dust or some other tiny particles must surround the port of the phone. A small and tiny particle can prevent the insertion of the charging cable and can lead to charging problems. So by checking the charging point of the phone thoroughly will help to fix the charging problems.

  • Reboot your iPhone
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This step can be followed at any time. Sometimes by simply turning off the phone and making it switch on can resolve this major problem. Sometimes it’s the software which restricts the charging of the phone. And if all the unwanted apps have been deleted and still the phone is not charging, then this is the wise thing to be done at that very particular time.

  • Checking the USB Cable

Sometimes it’s not only the phone but a simple USB cable can have some faults too. Damaged USB cable can be a major reason which can prevent the phone from charging. If the cable is torn out, then the owners need to change the USB cable as soon as possible. And the owners can get it in the Apple stores.

  • Changing the wall outlet

Another most common problem for the iPhone users is the wall socket in which the USB cables are plugged in. The wall outlet can have some major defects in the socket as there might be some internal damage or short circuit in the wall charger. The owner needs to check if the charging lights are properly flashing or not. If not, then the wall charger should be replaced.

  • Contact a local iPhone repairing store
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After trying all these possibilities and still the phone is not working then the phone should be taken to a local apple store if there is a proper warranty. Or else the owners can make use of the certified iPhone repairing shops.

By following these useful steps, one can make the best and proper use to make their phone charge. If submitting the phone to the service center then make sure to backup all the data.





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