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How Social Media Marketing Can Help Travel Agencies get more business in 2018

In the 21st century, It is highly frustrating to hear people say, “Are they still using travel agencies?”Of course, travelers always use tour operators!

And like all tour operators, you need to be known and well present online. Hence it is important for you to be present and use social networks as a marketing strategy. Unfortunately, less than 20% of travel agents consider social networks to be an essential channel of their business. Are you part of the 80% absentee? Here is an article to advise you on the use of social networks!


Why use social networks?

Like all travel agencies, now you need to join social media, consider them as the new channel to grow your business. For your marketing actions, you use the e-mail, the postal mail, present in the fairs and fairs, manage your website. But from now on, the social networks are essential.

Social networks allow you to interact with your customers and to prospect differently from all other communication channels. The different platforms bring you together and help you to get to know your customers better, to build and strengthen your links and relationships. For example, you can answer questions asked by visitors and build an authority figure in your field, and manage prospects with your notoriety.

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The different platforms of social networks


The platform that facilitates the management of new fans. You use it to target your existing customers by entering the email list or targeting a promotion page. Encourage prospects to travel by sharing photos and content on Facebook.


The best platform to broadcast news and generate conversations. Follow travel enthusiasts on Twitter is a good way of communication.


It is considered the most important platform for travel agencies. You can spark the desire to travel with Instagram and connect with fans. Users often search for picturesque photos using location tags and hashtags.


The ideal visual platform for travel agencies. You can pin photos and videos to tables and categorize them. Do not forget to link to your Facebook or Twitter account.

Ofcouse, SEO helps get free traffic and can take your travel business to the next step in a very short time. Read on, if you wish to learn more about how travel SEO can help travel agents get more business on the web. But in this article, let’s stick to social networking.


How to use social networks to drive more business if you are a travel start up?

Know what people are saying about you: You can look for comments on social networks about your services, reviews; praise … To moderate and respond to comments … On the other hand, ask your customers to post a recommendation on Twitter, or share a photo. This helps strengthen the social relationship of your company and educate new customers.

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Promote your events and offers: You will participate in the tourism fair, or host an event for your customers, so social media is a great way to disseminate your information. Facebook is a good medium to promote your offers and sales, for example, your photo on the cover of Facebook can be used to promote flash sales of flights, and your last post on Instagram can present a package of a trip to foreign.


Share travel stories to interest travelers

Travelers like to find information before they travel and publish articles that may interest them and earn you more fans is also an effective way to retain your customers.

How to start applying social media marketing in your travel business?

Get a website if you do not have. Start by hiring a local social media marketing agency. They will help you get businesses using social media. If you want to do it yourself, take a social media course from EdigitalAcademy.com


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