How to Add Snowfall Effect on a WordPress Website

Have you ever imagine that, why a web development platform which is well popular by the name of WordPress, is the most favourite of all the developers even while they are a newbie developer or a professional one with years of experience. The answer is very simple, this free open source web development CMS, WordPress is favourite among all the developers globally, due to its easy to use, supporting, bug free nature, and most importantly due to the awesome effects of its plugins that a programmer can add on a website to make it more elegant. These plugins are specially designed with the use of several advanced technologies like HTML, CSS, JQuery, and many more with an aim to decorate a web layout with awesome effects and features.

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In this series, the utmost users like to have a beautiful WordPress website with an animated snowfall effect. Well, I guess, you also might be so curious to know that what is snowfall effect and how to add it on our WordPress website? so what are you waiting for? Just read the full article and become familiar with this alluring snow effect of WordPress.

As we know that, WordPress has a huge library with a wide range of plugins to add various kind of functionality to a particular website. Likewise, Snowfall is also a plugin which is used to give a beautiful look and snowfall like feel to a website. If we search in the WordPress directory we will get so many plugins which are specially designed to add a snowfall effect on a WordPress website.

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To add snow effect on your website, all you need to search a high rated and finest snowfall effect plugin in the WordPress plugin directory and then install and activate it on your website from its admin panel. Now refresh your website and see the new animated snowy look of your website. Check out tutorial on wpera to add snow fall effect or you can get it by installing any one of the following plugins.

These are key features of snowfall effect WordPress plugins that improve the popularity of snow effect on the website –

  • A plugin with snow fall effect is helpful for developers to give a new and movable feel to a website.
  • These snow effect plugins are much easy to install and configure on a WordPress website from the dashboard of its admin panel.
  • A developer is allowed to add a snowy effect on any specific page of a website.
  • Snow Effect plugins did not require a lot of settings from admin and coding section as well of a WordPress Website.
  • A user can activate this effect on any single post or page of a website.
  • This plugin is available for free along with free support and maintenance for one year.
  • This plugin allows the user to enable or disable its fade away effect.
  • It permits the user to set the speed limit of snowfall effect.
  • It allows choosing a snow effect pattern and colour.
  • These plugins did not require a deep knowledge of coding.
  • Such plugins allow users to schedule a snowfall effect on any time of day.
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List out some powerful snowfall effect plugins.

  1. P Snow Effect Plugin

This is a highly rated snow effect plugin with having 1000 plus active installations. WP snow effect plugin will add a winter season snow effect along with the finest animation to a website. It requires 5.4 version of PHP for a successful installation.

2. Snow Plugin

Along with easy to install and customize options, Snow is a plugin will let you feel a snow like an experience. The best feature of this plugin is that it does not affect the speed of a website. It will give a real and professional look to a website.

3. Tribulant Snow Strom Plugin

On the festive season, several of website owners like to enable a snowfall effect on the website or also on a particular section of a website like a slider, sidebar, top-post etc. For this purpose, use of tribilant snow storm WordPress is the best option.

4. Flurry Plugin

Developed with Jquery and CSS this snow effect plugin is well known for its smooth animation. This plugin is specially created to keep in mind the version and compatibility of modern browsers. This is why Flurry snowfall effect plugin has a brilliant browser compatibility.

5. WP Super Snow Plugin

This is an wonderful and free snow falling effect plugin which is specially developed for the festive occasions like Christmas and New Year. In WP super snow plugin You can add falling snowflakes to a website and edit these snowflakes using various configuration options from the admin panel of a WordPress Website.

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Hope this article will help you to choose and add an excellent snowfall effect on your website.


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