Types of Facial Treatment and Their Equipments

There are several Facials or facial treatments that we can choose from, with equipment or only manually, with connective tissue massage and the use of fruit acid and enzyme peelings being the most important. They are aimed at treating the outer layers of the skin, stimulating blood flow and providing nutrients. With a larger blood flow, more oxygen is also brought to the skin cells.

Facials Treatment with equipment

  • CryoLift
  • Bio-Lift Microcurrent


Cryolift, what is that?

The Cryolift is a method by which regenerating fluids are ingressed into the skin through dermocryophoresis. The skin is brought back to -18 ° Celsius within a very short time. As a result, three processes are put into operation, namely:

  1. Controlled analgesia (anesthesia)
  2. Dermocryophoresis (pumping action capillaries) and
  3. Skin oxygenation (extreme improvement in blood flow).

Important for the inclusion of the serums is point 2, the pumping action of the capillaries. The absorption capacity of the skin during this pumping operation is enormous because of the cold.

Does the Cryolift treatment hurt?

This process takes place without any discomfort or pain. These processes open the skin to the very small molecules of the vitamin cocktail NCTF with hyaluronic acid, which penetrate the dermis. Here the rejuvenating and hydrating substances do their work on the aged and / or damaged skin.

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What is the result after a Cryolift treatment?

The Cryolift from Filorga is a skin firming and skin rejuvenating facial treatment using active ingredients. These active ingredients are absorbed into the skin with the aid of the cooling head. A serum with, for example, cellular caviar is applied to the skin. This serum contains a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleic acids, enzymes and growth factors. This starts a process of regeneration and revitalization. The skin becomes smoother and is lifted.

Other serums that can be used are:

  • NCTF 135HA gel with the same ingredients as the mesotherapy fluid for mesotherapy with needles.
  • Elastin gel – firming elastin provides more elastic tissue and tightens the skin.
  • Collagen gel – Fractionated tri-peptide collagen molecules, exceptional moisturizing, brings moisture into the dermis.
  • DNA gel – comes from the cells of Salmon eggs. DNA ensures the synthesis of proteins from amino acids. Healthy skin tissue is dependent on undamaged DNA. DNA gel regenerates our skin.
  • Embryo Lift gel – a serum of 2 highly concentrated extracts aimed at an immediate lifting effect and a long lasting anti aging effect and stimulation of the fibroblasts to create new skin cells.

What does a treatment cost?

A wonderfully refreshing and firming treatment takes about an hour and costs 115 Dollars.

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Bio-Lift Microcurrent Machine:

It is a natural way of rejuvenating your skin because the only thing that is used is a microcurrent that “wakes up” your muscle and makes it tension. All muscle groups in your face are being treated, a kind of mini-gymnastic exercise for your facial muscles!

It is the best and most strongly recommended facial enhancement device on the market. This True Microcurrent device uses up to 400 microamps of current to systematically reduce the signs of aging by strengthening the facial muscles. It is one of the best facial care devices for youthful skin.

How does the Bio-Lift machine work?

The Bio-Lift machine is the most natural non-invasive way that with the help of real micro-flow technology is the best device to deliver fast results. This True Microcurrent device uses current up to 400 micro-amperes to systematically address the signs of aging through amplification in 4 ways:

Effects-of-microcurrent The BIO-Lift Machine is a true micro-flow technology that provides a re-education of the muscles. It can strengthen and tighten the muscles on the face by using techniques for extending and shortening movements. This is achieved by targeting the origin and attachment points of the muscles, delivering the best facial exercises to the muscles.

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Does it hurt?

No. In fact, you do not feel anything at all. This kind of flow can not be felt, no tingling, no draws. Nothing.

What does the Bio-Lift microcurrent treatment look like?

It is a treatment of 50 minutes. Your face is cleaned and played, with a conductive gel on your skin the Bio-Lift microcurrent treatment is carried out, followed by a caring mask. A day care will be applied after the mask.

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