What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the name suggests is the intelligence shown by machines and computers. The machines and computers simulate the human intelligence which includes a process such as learning, reasoning, and self-correction. The AI is used in speech recognition, machine vision, and expert systems.


AI can be categorized into two types

1. Weak AI / Narrow AI

Weak AI / Narrow AI system is designed and trained to perform a particular task. The action of the weak AI is bounded by the rules imposed on it and cannot perform any action which goes beyond the standards. The example of weak AI is Amazon Alexa which is a virtual personal assistant.


2. Strong AI / Full AI:

Strong AI / Artificial general Intelligence has the generalized human cognitive abilities. Strong AI has the mental capability to mimic the human brain. When given a task the strong AI will find its solution without the intervention of a human. The example of strong AI is IBM’s Deep Blue. The former Soviet world chess champion IBM’s Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov.


How AI will fuel Business in Future?

There has been a tremendous change in business technology since last 20 years. The changes and advancement in technology have made the business process more comfortable and more reliable. Productivity and efficiency of the work have also increased. The development and improvement in AI technology will enable the work to be done without human intervention.

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According to the study analysis, these are the list of jobs which will be replaced by AI in the future:

1. Couriers

In some places, drones and robots are used to deliver couriers. This field will soon be dominated by automation altogether.


2. Telemarketing

You already might be receiving robotic calls for various products and services. These calls are already programmed to pitch the product or services in a proper format. Such calls are made using weak AI. In the future, there will be the use of strong AI for telemarketing which can pitch product/services and can also clear any query you might have regarding it.


3. Company Registration

Company formation such as Pvt Ltd Company Registration takes around 7 – 15 days. The manual process includes the name reservation of the company, documentation of the company and the directors, Digital Signature, etc. With the help of AI, the process can be shortened and simplified with accuracy. The AI will check the name availability from the database within few minutes and will also certify the documents. By using the AI Technology, the time taken for the company registration will be minimized.


4. Trademark Registration

The trademarking process is very time consuming and complicated. The complete trademarking process takes around 12 to 18 months. The whole process consists of a trademark search, trademark objection, and trademark opposition. With the help of AI, we can quickly scan the image/design to identify the similarity between other trademarked images/designs. If there is no similarity, the trademark will be registered. This will save much time which is used to search the similarity between trademarks manually.

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5. E-Commerce:

In today’s era, everything can be bought online without any problem. We buy the product first, and then the shipping is done. Those days are going to get over soon as the work on the concept of “Shipping then Shopping.” With the help of the AI, the order can be refilled before it gets depleted completely. The essential goods can be ordered within the click of a button with the help of “Amazon Dash”. This is how much AI has advanced.


6. Education

Education is one such field where AI can be applied. Most of the times students and their parents rely on age-old methods of talking to tutors or their subject teachers to judge their performance. With AI in the picture, it is possible to judge a student’s performance via graphs and pie charts and as well as generate reports which can be very well used by Teachers, overall benefitting the parents and students. On the teaching side, it can be used to generate and judge a student’s inclination so that he can be guided appropriately and provided with the right course.

This is how Artificial Intelligence can affect businesses in the future. AI will slowly and steadily reveal itself in our daily lives and has a strong capability of influencing our daily lives. Addressing one more issue is that AI might result in loss of jobs. After reading this conclusion along with the above-given article, it will become necessary to remember that there won’t be any job losses but a few changes in the nature of Jobs.

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