Xiaomi Mi Band 4 leaks once again, flaunting a coloured display

Xiaomi‘s Mi Band is one of its most popular products to date with the affordable, durable and features-filled Mi Band 2 contributing to the popularity. The Band 2 got a fitting upgrade last year, giving birth to the Band 3. This year, Xiaomi is expected to launch the Mi Band 4 and going by last year’s Band 3 launch, the wearable device should have been released by now. While we await official word on the Mi Band 4, a couple of leaks have appeared online suggesting some of the upgrades that would accompany the device.Xiaomi Mi Band 4

A couple of leaked photos of a device said to be the Mi Band 4 has appeared online showing the design and reaffirming the presence of coloured display onboard the Band 4. The design of the device could easily be passed for the Mi Band 3 except for the coloured display.

Earlier leaks, however, show that the Band 4 will have some design changes from the previous iteration. One of such features is an upgrade of the battery capacity which is bumped up from a 110mAh cell to a 135mAh cell. Also, you won’t need to dismantle the device from the housing when it is to be charged. This promises to be an impressive improvement considering the previous models have a charging system that requires a dismantle before it can be charged.

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Recently, the Mi Band 4 was reported to have received Bluetooth certification. Mi Band 4The device is confirmed to arrive in two models with model numbers XMSH08HM and XMSH07HM.  One of the models will come with NFC just like the Mi Band 3. Both models will, however, have support for Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. The appearance of the Band 4 on NCC’s website gave us our first official look at the design and it is no different from this leaked model.

We await official words from Xiaomi about the Band 4. We’ll keep you posted when something new drops.


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