Best Safe Hard Disk SSD Cloning Software AweClone Review

Millions of software companies provide a solution for backing up data and storing on an external source. In case, if you are planning to install Windows on SSD, then you have to move files including the operating system on the new drive.

Oh yes, you can move Windows copy on another drive without issues. Remember, the Windows OS will store device data on secure servers to avoid counterfeit. In short, you can copy entire HDD on another SSD or drive. You may checkout the best SSDs available in India.


What is AweClone?

AweClone is a Windows program designed to clone hard drive to another device. By using the program, you no longer have to worry about missing folders & files. Originally, the software developed for regular consumers, so it has user-friendly interface and options, so a beginner can complete the task without instructions. However, I will provide easy to understand instructions and start working on copying an entire disk to storage.

AweClone Features

Can Magoshare product provide enough options to the customers? I am going to list a number of features, so the readers can decide, whether it meets their requirements or not.

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1. Supported Devices

Every Windows machine consumer has a different set of requirements. In my case, I need a program that can create a backup disk on USB storage. Fortunately, AweClone supports multiple storage devices, and it includes HDD, SSD, external hard drive, USB flash drive, Memory card, SD card, Digital device, RAID and more. In short, you need storage mass that the operating system recognizes and you are good to go.


2. File system

A regular personal computer would never understand the concept of a file system, but it is an important aspect. I want to inform readers that AweClone supports multiple file systems, so you do not have to worry about incompatibility. You can connect and create a clone in FAT 12/16/32, NTFS, NTFS, 5EXT 2/3, exFAT, HFS, and more.


3. Identical Copy Algorithm

I have suffered system error and unknown HDD corruption several times in the past. Sacrificing the data is not my choice, but I had to wipe the entire drive to reinstall Windows 10 OS. I wouldn’t suffer the same fate anymore because I got AweClone advanced algorithm, which is an expert at creating a nearly identical clone of the HDD, including the operating system. Remember, the Microsoft server may consider your copy of Windows as counterfeit.

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4. Two Modes

I got four active partitions on 1TB HDD and I want to copy one partition only. Interestingly, the developers added an advanced option, where you can select one or more partitions to clone, and it recognizes all available partitions. Of course, the feature is available on external devices as well, so do not worry about compatibility.


5. Recover Options

Let us assume that you have successfully cloned primary HDD to secondary SSD. After a few days, the primary HDD failed to load and corrupted, so can you restore the data back to normal?

Absolutely, wipe the primary drive and you can restore entire data along with the operating system. As Microsoft registered hardware on the computer, so the counterfeit error will not appear at all. According to operating system software, the Windows is running normally.


How to use AweClone?

You need a Windows machine running 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, and 60MB free space. The program does not demand high-end computer hardware, so go ahead.

Step 1: Launch the program and you got two options 1) Disk clone, 2) Partition clone, and you can select either of them. I have mentioned the purpose of the two options above, so make sure to read it.

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Step 2: For a demonstration, I have select second options, where I want to clone a partition. Select the target drive or partition, and I have selected “productivity” partition, and then click on “NEXT.”

Step 3: In the next section, you have to select target/destination drive, and then click on “NEXT” to proceed.

Step 4: A small confirmation window will appear and click on OK to proceed.

The program will begin cloning the entire partition. Do not interrupt the process whatsoever and if you are running an older generation machine, then do not work in the background. Older generation processors do not have multi-threads, and it is a necessary function to carry out larger file transfer.


Bottom Line

I have noticed that AweClone isn’t registered and it might cause security error on Windows 10 machine. I first thought that it might contain malware or virus threat and tested it on a popular security tool.

I found out that it isn’t affected by malware or security flaws, so go ahead and try it. I recommend double-check with your administrator or professional nearby you.


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