ELD: What you need to know!

Back in 2017, a mandate has been launched which permit a driver to note their Hours of Service (HOS). With the mandate, every commercial vehicle owner has to install an ELD (electronic logging device) in the vehicle. But do you know what an ELD is?

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An ELD (Electronic logging device) is a device, which record drivers speed, time as well as other things automatically. Previously, paper logs were used to record the total hours of services. However, after December 18, 2017, every driver has to log his or her HOS from an ELD. Apart from recording the overtime, it also helps drivers and other truck owners to comply with authorized regulations.

The ELD Will Collect Data Like:

  • Total number of miles the driver has drived the vehicle
  • Whether or not the engine is running
  • The total duration of the engine that has been in operation
  • Whether the vehicle is stable or moving.

Who Needs To Install ELD?

Now that you are well aware of the ELD and what it does, you should also be wondering whether or not you need them for your vehicle.

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However, the ELD is for everyone who is driving the commercial vehicle. Only some owners are exempted from the mandate. Moreover, all the drivers who keep up with the Record of Duty Status (RODS) should have ELD in their vehicle.

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Those Who Are Exempted From The ELD Mandate Are:

  • Old Vehicles That Are Pre-2000 Model
  • Drivers Who Are Delivering Things During The Tow Or When Doing The Drive-Away Operations
  • Other Short-Haul Drivers Who Don’t Maintain The RODS
  • Drivers Who Breach The Short-Haul Limitations
  • The Drivers Who Don’t Need To Maintain The RODS For Not More Than Eight Days Within The 30-Day Cycle

What Is The 8-Day Exception?

If you think that the 30 days limitation is a month, you are probably wrong. A period between 20 July and 20 August is considered as 30 days.

Further, whenever the short-haul drivers drive more than the limit or are not qualified for the exception, the need to maintain the RODS. The process is usually done by using paper logs. However, if these drivers have to do this for more than eight days Within 30 days, they have to use an ELD.

How To Pick The Best ELD:

Check if it is listed on FMCSA registered list: For the vendors, who supply ELD should be listed on the FMCSA registered the list of suppliers. As compliance with the list will tell that all vendors know ELD specifications. Also, the models should be self-certified and should meet the new requirements of FMCSA. Just keep the truckin ELD and get away from the hassle of pen-paper logging.

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Pick The One Who Has A Fleet Of The Management System:

An authorized ELD provider should have a fleet management system to keep things in the loop. It will easily connect to the Electronic Logging Device to manage vehicles with ease. Not only these features improve efficiency, but also increase productivity, thereby minimizing risks and other costs.

There Should Not Be Any Hidden Fee:

Make sure that the ELD you are purchasing should not include any hidden or additional fee. Ask your provider to give you all the details of upfront costs. Also, look for the ones that offer reports and forms that don’t include any charges.

Get An Easy To Install Device:


Make sure that the initial setup of the ELD device should be friendly to the owner. Also, these devices are easy to install, and you don’t need any professional installer or special tools to install it.

Pick The One Having Off-Grid Logging:

ELD devices don’t work when there are limited or weak receptions of signals. Also, the device should be like even if the signal fails and there’s no reception, the device should continue logging. This will restore the data and will then sent it to the connected device. This way, you will be able to present everything when needed.

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Have a look at the shipping service: If your defined operation use LTL (Less than truckload) shipping method, you might need a management system that is designed for the LTL.


Do check for genuine prices and look if there’s any hidden fee. Also, don’t forget to ask about the monthly subscription fee.

The Total Area Covered:

Check how much area your selected device would cover.

Customer Service:

Check, if your device provides customer support of the ELD or not.

Now that you know an ELD is a mandatory use them to upgrade your fleet and to adhere to the government mandate.


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