Huawei India opens Beta testing for Huawei P30 Pro for India

Huawei Consumer Business group India, brings in early Diwali delight, announces the roll out of EMUI 10 beta version for their Huawei P30 Pro customers. The roll out has already begun and customers can expect to receive the update within a week’s time. Huawei, a brand known and loved for its smartphones that cater to every kind of users, has always received great lauds for its proprietary EMUI platform. Packed to the brim with unique features that caters to all, the EMUI 10 stands tall in terms of seamless operation and flawless execution.

Huawei has also introduced an exciting contest for those customers who review EMUI 10 and post it on the Huawei community page. Customers can sign up for the beta version on the Huawei community page and stand a chance to win a surprise gift from Huawei.

Now, with more than 500 million daily active users present in 216 countries worldwide, available in 77 languages, the Huawei EMUI has come a long way since its inception, back in 2012. Dedicated to providing premium user experiences, the EMUI 10 boasts of best-in-class features that renders experiences like no other. There is a significant contribution of Huawei centre in Bengaluru in the research and development of EMUI 10.

A whole new look and feel

With EMUI10, you are treated to a whole new look and feel which is designed to be more aesthetically pleasing while also being more functional, operationally. Inspired by the design of a magazine, you now have increased spacing with larger headlines, making it easier to navigate. You will also notice that the drop-down menu does not have any text, allowing for larger icons and easier accessibility. This new design also adds spacing between each notification, thereby making it visual navigation immersive and pleasing to the eye.

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This new style also extends itself across contacts, settings, notepad and even the photo gallery app, each of which are now easier to navigate with better classifications. There are also a few icon changes here and there, while still maintaining Huawei’s signature style.

The new user interface is therefore more easy on the eyes and simple, unlike its earlier versions.

An updated camera design

Huawei is known for its camera prowess and with this new software update, you can also expect a few features and tweaks to make its way into the camera interface.

You can find a simpler and clearer background along with a new zoom slider feature, coupled with stylish look, while you go about switching through modes. To add the final touch to your photos, you also get 11 new filters inclusive of monochrome options. If you are a fan of the Aperture mode, you will also notice that now the level of bokeh is listed by the f-stop, instead of just a number.

The new design modification takes the camera quality a few notches higher.

Elegance in refinement

In a quick look you would see that the EMUI10 now has a more muted or subtle color tone in most of its elements. Inspired by the color palette of the famous Italian painter George Morandi, this new set of colors is the result of mixing light grey to achieve subdued colors and subtle tones for an overall elegant and peaceful look.

This new look extends all over the user interface and is especially noticeable in the contacts app, where contacts without a picture are given a background of one of the six soft color tones. This is really unique in essence and will be loved by consumers. It brings out a sense of space and layering when you look at it.

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The all-new Dark Mode

One of Android Q’s most sought after features is the Dark Mode, which gives the entire interface a darker overhaul, making it more comfortable to the eye. Huawei has upgraded this with its own Dark Mode in EMUI10, which does more than just switching everything to black. With the EMUI10’s Dark Mode, overall viewing is made more comfortable, thanks to its unique method of adjusting contrast even under changing light conditions. This is the result of the Human Factor research done by Huawei, which tested the reading efficiency and subjective experience of users while using their phones under four different lighting conditions, creating four different color themes for different lights.

However, what really sets the EMUI10’s Dark Mode apart is that it also applies to pre-installed apps and even third-party apps, creating a more comfortable viewing experience for users. This is unique in many ways and unmatched by any other player in the market. Not only it augments reading comfort in different lighting conditions, but it also creates contrasts that provide an immersive experience.

Smoother than ever before

While using EMUI10, you will quickly notice that the animations are now more fluid and natural. Modelled on real world physics, the overall quality of animations have been improved to create a better user experience. Now long presses will depress the object lower into the screen before making them spring up, while swiping speeds and trajectories will affect how the object reacts.

This gives users a more natural feel while using their smartphone, which is also complemented by better frame rate during transitions, thereby reducing lag and smoothening out animations. This is thoroughly stunning and delivers consistent experience through and through.

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The user interface in EMUI 10 therefore promises certain major overhauls which gives the brand a veritable competitive advantage. Improvements such as Magazine Design, Morandi Color, Dark Mode and Smooth Animation are unique and world firsts, synonymous with Huawei’s commitment towards bringing in customer centric innovations that are relevant and customised as per customer’s needs, demands, wants and aspirations. The enhancements are specifically engineered to provide superlative experiences to consumers, unparalleled by any other player in the market. We are sure that, such a rich bouquet of technology and features will definitely touch the right chord amongst the customers.

The HUAWEI P30 series will be the first to get the EMUI 10 Beta update starting September, across global markets, followed by the roll out to the HUAWEI Mate 20 series and other Huawei smartphones in line.

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