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This is an image of an average SUV with which its automaker hopes to increase the sales. They put this up on their official website along with its specifications and a price quote. Have a look! Doesn’t the car look appealing when it was given this specific background?

Now imagine that the car being displayed on a regular single-coloured white base. Will it be that much appealing? The answer is a straight no. Second, where did the automaker get such a background? Do you think that they drove the car on that road and took the shot while in motion? Too good to be true!

So what actually happened? A photographer took the shot in the company’s parking lot. He/she then cropped the car out and placed it on the above background to impart a more prominent and defining look. This process is known as a clipping path to the image-editing world.

Clipping path – the technicality

Done in photo-editing software, a closed vector drawn on an image to separate it out from the rest of the picture is known as a clipping path. This cut-out of the picture can then be placed on any other background by using the layer concept. With this technique, any unwanted background or spot can be removed and replaced with any popular image.


Clipping tools are available in almost all major image-editing software; however, the one in Adobe Photoshop is quite popular. This can be done in two ways. Drawing the contour in one direction will clip the image exterior to this path while reversing the direction will reverse the whole clipping process. Accurate clipping can lead to highly prominent images with enhanced viewability.

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Where do you use clipping path?

In this era of online marketing, this photo editing technology is quite useful while promoting your brand or service. The neatness and the accuracy of your clipped image, combined with an appropriate background can go a long way to escalate your product’s sales. Typically, the following are the areas where Photoshop clipping path is applied to market a brand:

  1. In Website Develoment

Website Design Company Kanpur also use the clipping path tool to edit the pictures in websites . Nearly all their products come with a white background. This technique keeps you focussed on the image only by removing all other unnecessary distractions.


  1. Social sites

Take Facebook or Instagram for example; many users like to market their products on these forums as well. Especially in photo-centric social forums, Photoshop clipping path is widely used. Be it selling comic character t-shirts or coffee mugs, all are placed against attractive and colorful backgrounds to grab immediate attention.

  1. Online advertisements

Certainly you have seen ads popping up every time you open a website. You will find any famous personality endorsing a particular brand or simply a picture of any book you viewed recently. Advertisements of flight services are even more fascinating as you see actual Airbus planes in flight mode. Ever noticed their backgrounds? Clipping path is in use.

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  1. Fashion magazines

This is another domain where this technique is widely used. Generally in a photo-shoot, notice where the models are asked to pose. It is a typical single-coloured background. Use of such a background makes clipping easy as the required image comes out with distinct outlines. The picture of the model is then cut out and placed over an appropriate layer.

Almost all pictures you see online are edited using clipping path. Not only for brand marketing, recently the “picture of the month” feature of National Geographic Wild (India) went to an image edited using this technique. It showed a parrot biting the tail of a lizard on an entirely white background. Take another Nat Geo picture of a Pangolin with her offspring for example.


More secrets!

Ever saw those online photos where a man is holding out his hand, and his camera is hovering over his palms. Did he actually throw his thousand dollar camera up in the air while someone else took the snap? Does not happen. Again, it is Photoshop clipping path at work. Two separate pictures clipped and joined with Photoshop.

Again, see the social media posts from coffee shops. Often you will find coffee beans spilled over from a jute bag with a mug sitting right next to it. All these on a white background with appropriate shadows. How well does the picture look?

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It’s all about choosing the right background for the right image. With Photoshop clipping path, you can turn any ordinary picture into a highly attractive one. The fun part is, you can take photos of any subject or a pattern separately and combine them to get that one awesome picture. Consider all the pictures you saw in this article and imagine them with a standard white background. Will they be having the same effect on you as they are having now? This is a clipping path for you!


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