Reon Pocket : Wearable Air Conditioner!

Technology has evolved so much over the years that we have a number of tech-savvy devices making our lives easy.But have you ever wondered how to survive the scorching heat while travelling or sitting somewhere with no air conditioner? A ‘wearable air conditioner’ is no longer a pipe dream! Sony has launched a crowdfunding project for such a device to survive the hot summer. Keeping in line with technological advancements, Sony has developed a wearable air conditioner called Reon Pocket that will keep you cool during the rising temperatures, reported Techgenyz. Itis a wearable device compatible with both inner and outer wearable which can be controlled by your smartphone, making it as portable as it can get.



Sony Reon Pocket is a new device which helps to get relief not only from the steaming hot summers but also from the cold winters. The pocket-sized device can be kept ina small bag or can be worn on the back or neck with dedicated underwear and controlled with a dedicated application, controlling the temperature through mobile phone according to ones need.
The small device has adopted a Peltier element that can be cooled and heated efficiently.Such elements are mostly used for car and wine coolers as it uses less power when used for a long time to cool something. With this element, the device uses a newly developed technology to make it wearable.
The dedicated inner wears for the wearable air conditioner are found in S, M, and L sizes but, as of now, is made for men only. The inner wear is made with a pocket at the back to insert the device.
Making it more user-friendly, the device is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be used for an entire day with just 2 hours of charging. It is a light-weight device that measures approximately 54 x 20 x 116mm and supports Bluetooth 5.0LE connected phones.
Note: But this product is currently exclusive to Japan and is a part of its kickstarter campaign if the target is not met, no other devices will be released.

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