5 movie review handles on Helo App for Movie Buffs


Films can be purely for entertainment; they can be a mirror to the society we live in and much more. Like books, you must choose your films carefully. They are an art form after all, regardless of the genre, it always better to read up on a film’s reviews before you go watch it. The reviewing source also needs to be authentic and unbiased. Social media has done a brilliant job of giving a platform to people for voicing their opinions and movies are no exception. Helo has a lot of handles dedicated to film reviews. Here are 5 such handles you absolutely need to follow if you are a movie buff.

Navbharat Times

This handle needs no introduction, it a part of one of the giants of Indian media; the Times Group. With about 359.6k followers on Helo, it has sections dedicated to different aspects of journalism, including movie reviews. The reviews on this handle are crisp and precise. They generally review movies from the Hindi film industry and do a pretty good job of it. If you are into Bollywood, you must checkout the regular movie reviews on this handle.

The NewzBox

This Delhi based handle is part of a news website, just like name suggests. It has more than 5 thousand followers on Helo and it posts very honest film reviews. Bollywood has evolved and a lot of different movies in different genres are being produced. This channel can help you choose between the latest released films since there really is no dearth of new films being released in Bollywood.

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This handle has quite a fan following on Helo. With 44k followers, it is evident that a lot of people get their entertainment news from this handle. Apart from bringing the latest news to your mobile screen, they also bring you quality film reviews of the latest and even old blockbusters. The reviews are generally honest but can be a little condescending, which is good for the viewers. Check out this handle to know about Bollywood and films.

Suraj Kumar review

This massively popular handle has over 164.7k followers on Helo and he has a prominent disclaimer which states that he is not a critic but an entertainer. He makes self starring videos which include parodies, listicles and other similar content. His videos have a lot of views and his followers eagerly await his latest videos. Laced with humor and criticism, the videos are highly entertaining.

Rochak Saxena

This movie reviewer is quite influential with about 140k followers on Helo. His handle is full of the latest film reviews done in a hilarious way and other content related to entertainment. He is quite active and his video views often exceed his number of followers. It is a very promising handle that is bound to grow this coming year.

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If you want to stay updated about the latest Bollywood movies and Indian cinema in general, you should follow these accounts on Helo. With so many new films releasing every year, it is good to know what movies in your genre of choice are worth the time and effort.


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