PMPL Scrims Season 3 Schedule, Groups, and Prize Pool

PMPL Scrims Season 3: Schedule, Groups, and Prize Pool

After Postponing PMPL Scrims Due To Coronavirus outbreak, Finally PMPL (PUBG Mobile Pro League) South Asia Region Has Begun, Obviously, Gamers Are participating in the tournament from home.

And Price Pool Is also Changed This Time. But The Good News For Indian Team is That many Indian Team Participating in This PMPL Tournament, Pubg Players names like Soul Mortal, Fnatic scout op, GodL Clan, TSM Entity, Powerhouse, Team IND, Vsg Crawlers, Orange Rock and many more Indian clans are going to entertain you this time. 

all Indian teams are Practicing From many Days for this Pmpl season 3 because they are Going To Fight With Badass International Clan Like Bigetron RA, Team Secret, Illuminate-the Murderer. They all are going to fight against each other.


24 teams have been divided into three group s and The group’s List are

Group A: Team 1: Bigetron RA Team 2: Soul Team 3: Godlike Team 4: UMumba RXN Team 5: Marcos Gaming Team 6: Team Hype Team 7: Jyanmarra (Nepal) Team 8: Illuminate the Murder

Group B: Team 1: Team Deadeyes Team 2: Celtz Team 3: Orange Rock Team 4: Team Xtreme Team 5: Instinct Esports Team 6: Team IND Team 7: VSG Crawlers Team 8: Morph Team

Group C: Team 1: FnaticTeam 2: MegastarsTeam 3: Team SecretTeam 4: TSM EntityTeam 5: ElementrixTeam 6: Team Tamilas Team 7: Synerge Team 8: Powerhouse 

PMPL Season 3 Schedule

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The matches are going to happen every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Streaming Platform – official PUBG Mobile Esports YouTube channel

Time – from 6.30 PM PMPL Season 3 

Prize Pool

Prize Pool Of the PMPL Season 3 is ($3000, 1st $1500, 2nd $1000, 3rd $500).

This prize is Distributed On weekly Basis.

Favorite Team To Win The Tournament.

According to us, the Bigetron RA clan can win the prize. They have Some Big names Like Luxxy-Zuxxy. This Twins Brother can change the game momentum at any time. they Also Won many big tournaments in the past, But Don’t underestimate the Indian Clan Like Soul, Godlike, Orange Rock, Team IND, and Indian Super Aggressive Team Fnatic and TSM Entity can also compete With Bigetron.


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