Take keyword research to the next level with these free tools

You might have some great content on your website.

However, if you do not give keyword research due consideration, you might fail in taking your content to the right audience. Targeting the right audience at the right stage takes the use of appropriate keywords.

If you need more information than what you get with Google Ads Keyword Planner, then here are some free keyword research tools to consider:


If you need a keyword research tool that lets you compare your content with that of your competitors, then this is one of the most popular choices. It is a great free alternative to several other premium keyword research platforms. You can find tag clouds or text clouds that provide a fresh and convenient interpretation of word frequency. The easy user-interface makes it easy for beginners to use this tool.

Keywords Everywhere

This is not a tool that works on its own but something that helps streamline results from various tools. The convenience of adding the tool as a browser extension lets you instantly obtain the information about keywords from platforms like Google Analytics, and 15 other sites. You can also obtain data that helps you compare with your competitors and know the CPC details. You can finally export the report.

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Merchant Words

Taking shopper searches from Amazon, this one lets you know about the search volume of that keyword. This tool has both a free version and a paid version with a monthly subscription cost. You can choose between a global audience or US data as required. It helps enjoy perks like round-the-clock customer service and an infinite number of searches.

Pinterest Keyword Tool

There is a large group of users who look for ideas on Pinterest. Finding the relevant products there also makes their work easier. Therefore, this tool for the popular social media site Pinterest works by letting you understand the performance of that keyword based on Pinterest searches. The tool doesn’t give out much information, but it is a simple tool to begin with.

Keyword Guru

Another site similar to Keywords Everywhere; this one lets you study the performance of that keyword from various sites. You would be able to understand popular searches pertaining to the seed and also benefit from the real-time results that you see on your screen. It gives you an updated snapshot to make a decision. The only problem here is that you cannot obtain search volume information.

Keyword Shitter

Give the tool some time, and you would be left with 1000s of keywords based on your search. The magnitude of options you get on this tool is what makes it a popular recommendation. It works with data mined from Google Autocomplete, and it also offers many ways to narrow down the displayed results.

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These tools are all free to use and are designed to keep the beginners in internet marketing as the core focus. Till you gain better insight into this area and feel confident enough to spend on a keyword research tool, you can efficiently work with these free tools.


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