Here is Everything You Need to Know About Your Blogger Outreach Campaign

Link building involves many activities. One of these activities is blogger outreach.

In this strategy, your primary goal is to reach out to influencers, or people with a huge following to help you promote what you are selling. It could be a product, service, or even another blog post.

When you contact the blogger, your goal is to get them to review your product; you could sponsor their post and then they could mention you; you could sample campaigns; or they could help you in developing content for your product.

Ensuring your blogger outreach campaign is successful is not something you achieve in a day. You have to consider several things to get the kind of results you want. Here is what you need to know about your blogger outreach campaign.

Improve what you are selling first

Before you embark on the search for suitable bloggers to contact, you have first to ensure that your product or service is top-notch.

Even though you are paying the blogger to review your product, nothing can put them off as a less effective product. As in, they might lack the appropriate passion required in advertising the brand. They will just do it for the money.

Instead, ensure that what you are presenting to your clients is something that they can refer others to. Otherwise, you stand a chance of losing in the long term, because the influencer will be marketing something that they feel is not worthy.

Research is inevitable

After you solve the most critical question, it is time to research. At Eyes On Solution, we advise our clients to first identify the best website or social networks that your SEO Guest Post will fit.

To achieve this, the first thing you need to do in this step is to understand the market you want to target, which means that you also have to carry out extensive keyword research to be able to capture your prospect’s attention. Next, get to know bloggers that have the attention of these prospects.

Hence, narrow your search. Do not just approach any blogger. Even though they are an authority in your niche, you might end up getting zero results in your blogger outreach campaign.

Create a list of bloggers you could approach

While doing your research, you should be able to note down these bloggers. Create a spreadsheet that will highlight the specific keywords you want to rank, the name of the blog and their contact information.

Now, at Eyes On Solution, the most common question we get from most clients when looking for an SEO Guest Post is, “Which blog is the best?”

It draws down to two things. If you want the blogger to post it on a social network, you have to check out his following. Please get to know how interactive he or she is with the current audience.

Secondly, if you want them to post content on their blog, then check out the domain authority of their site. Also, know if the influencer gets comments on their blog post. Comments are valuable because it shows that the blog has loyal followers.

Tips on how to contact the blogger

Most guest bloggers do not know which methods to use when they want to get the attention of these influencers.

For instance, if you want to contact them by email, the first thing is to ensure that you get their name right. Next, ensure that your pitch is creative and that you are not selfish. You are looking forward to creating a symbiotic relationship here. Make the deal sweet enough.

You can also share their content on social networks or even comment on their blog. Some bloggers, regardless of how busy they are, will not fail to notice this, and they might contact you. Make sure, though, that your comments are positive.

What if doing all these things is too much for you

If the process to get published seems to be too long, then you can hire a guest posting service, or professional agency like an agency from Newcastle, experts in SEO. They will connect you with the appropriate influencers that will guarantee you results.

Final remarks

Remember to have a clear budget. Your blogger outreach campaigns need a suitable budget depending on the kind of influencers you want to reach. The budget will also suffice if you are using a guest-posting agency to publish your site.

Besides that, getting traffic is good, but you should be doing all these to rank on the search engine results page.


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