Portable Charging Made Efficient With Graphene Batteries

Portable Charging Made Efficient With Graphene Batteries

Imagine idling on a long journey because your MacBook or iPhoneX lost its juice and decided to shut off. Be it any reason, running out of battery charge can be a pain. Here is where a graphene power bank can help. These batteries are small and yet pack some significant power when compared to others in the market.

Lower temperatures, long-lasting, and faster charging are some features attributed to the wondrous graphene material.

Graphene Vs. Li-ion Batteries

The internal structure of a graphene power bank is quite similar to what you will find in one that is lithium-ion powered. There are two electrodes and an electrolyte solution for enabling the movement of charges.

However, graphene-based batteries have their cathodes replaced with a hybrid composite material, mostly a solid-state metal plus Graphene. Here are some prominent differences that work to your benefit:

  • Enhanced Power Storage: Graphene batteries have five times more power storage capabilities than even the best Li-ion battery available today.
  • Consistent and High Load-Bearing Capacity: Graphene batteries are known to tolerate 400 charges/discharge cycles without losing out on the capacity.
  • Inexpensive: Technology used in making graphene batteries is being refined, thereby reducing the production costs. Graphene is also eco-sensitive, unlike the regular lithium-powered batteries.
  • Safer: Graphene batteries are highly reliable when compared to a Li-ion battery. You will be safe from the risk of explosion while gaining from the need for lighter protective covers.
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Benefits of Using Graphene-Powered Tech

While Graphene is relatively new to technology, it has been exhaustively tested by manufacturers. Here are some distinct advantages:

  • Slimmer and Smaller battery: Did you know that stacking 3 million layers of Graphene gives you just 1 mm of thickness? This should sufficiently prove that Graphene powered chargers are sleek and can fit in your travel pack.
  • Higher Capacity: Graphene boasts of high energy density than traditional Li-ion batteries. Graphene can store up to 1,000 Wh per kilogram while the latter can only fit in 180 Wh per kilogram.
  • Quick Charging: Graphene’s honeycomb structure makes it a potent conductor of electrical energy. Low resistance to the flow of electricity means faster charging and longer battery life.
  • Efficient Thermal Management: This may come as a surprise, but Graphene is excellent at heat dissipation. It results in a reduced operating temperature of your battery by up to five degrees.

What Does the Future Hold?

Graphene is undoubtedly revolutionizing the energy sector, and many power bank manufacturers have keyed in on this technology. Without a doubt, the graphene power bank is the superior option compared to other lithium polymer power banks.

Being a versatile molecule, Graphene offers no ”one size fits all” solution. It is also being used in conjunction with traditional materials to overcome existing battery limitations and bring about improved performances.

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It is now a widespread knowledge that graphene batteries are a perfect replacement for the current-gen lithium-ion batteries. They are convenient and are the next big thing in the portable power industry today. It is safe to say that Graphene batteries are no longer a future tech but a hot pick in the market.


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