Ways to Prevent Staff Turnover

Ways to Prevent Staff Turnover

According to a rough estimate, more than one in four employees will leave the firm after one of joining. The hiring processes cost a lot to the firm, and staff turnover is a real setback for the team. Staff turnover can be reduced with effective policies and an efficient hiring process. More than 77% of the employees can be retained by employers with a strategic hiring approach.

Ways to Prevent Staff Turnover

No company wants to lose potential employees, and that’s why companies offer different bonuses and incentives to their working staff. Despite attractive pay packages and incentives, if you are still facing staff turnover and the doors of your hiring office keep revolving, here are some practical ways to prevent staff turnover.

Hire the Right Person for the Right Job

In the hiring advertisement, the role of the company must be clearly mentioned without any ambiguity. The human resource department should spend some effort on the job advertisements, so you get a potential applicant with the relevant field of interest. There are also available CV parsing service to find the right employee for a suitable job.

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Also, describe something about the organizational culture so that applicants know what they are jumping into.

Fire Employees who don’t fit

Firing an employee after a year or two is not easy for the company and the team. The best way to avoid future conflicts is to hire new employees as internees. When they spend some time under your supervision, employees will clearly realize whether they can fit here or not. If they don’t adjust according to the job description, you can always look for new talent.

Do Criminal Background Check

Police checks are mandatory for several domains of business. Whether legal policies require a criminal background check or not, you must conduct police checks and criminal background checks for the new hire. All of the new hires should get a police check as part of an employee screening process.

Knowing about their past will give you a better idea about the shortlisted candidate, whether they have committed any wrong at their previous work or not. Police check or criminal background checks allow the company to prevent staff turnover by rejecting the ethically unfit applicant at the very first stage. If the applicant has committed any act of violence or breach of contract, he is more likely to do the same in the future too. Knowing the nature of the crime committed by the applicant is critical for the human resource manager.

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Offer Competitive Benefits and Pay

Your employees want to get paid big amounts. You don’t need to make them rich with a one-year salary, but your pay packages must be attractive enough to retain them. If the employees get a more attractive salary with better incentives, they will switch companies.

Be flexible with the policies when it comes to talent retention. Apart from the basic salary, additional bonuses, and the incentive prove to be more beneficial to retain employees.


Simple steps like police check and hiring the right people don’t require a big investment or efforts. All of these points require your will power and determination to make things right. There are several other ways to prevent staff turnover, but these few points are going to make the most difference.



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