Should you invest in Wireless Earbuds and Bluetooth Smartwatches?

‘I hear voices in my head. But only when I’m wearing my earphones’

Are you also a techie who digs new gadgets and technology? Do you also ‘connect’ comfort with how easily you can use your gadgets? Or are you someone exploring your options about these?

Either way, this article gives you an insight on the best gadgets out in the Bluetooth Smartwatch market. Scroll away!

NoiseFit Evolve

Whatever one can possibly imagine to require from a bluetooth smartwatch, this smartwatch caters to it all. With an AMOLED display, the NoiseFit Evolve helps you see even in the brightest light. So no matter if you’re working out with full sunlight beaming in, you can still track those workouts without squinting your eyes. Moreover, this goes without saying, the bluetooth smartwatch is sweat proof too- the perfect workout partner. Another astounding feature that the NoiseFit Evolve provides you with is a 9 sports mode- from yoga to cycling to heavy lifting workouts you can track them all.

9 sports-one device.

The NoiseFit Evolve is a Bluetooth smartwatch which also allows the user to track overall health with its activity tracker which tracks 24/7 heart rate tracker, daily step count, calories burnt and sleep monitoring; pulling all nighters to work can get tiring, this helps you fix that. Apart from these features, the NoiseFit Evolve also provides sedentary and hydration reminders, giving you the little nudge you need to move around while you sit on your desk and work from home all day and ensuring you drink a good amount of water to keep yourself fit and hydrated. This fitness tracker provides you with all your social media notifications, text notifications and allows you to manage your calls right from a tap on your wrist. Attend your best friend’s calls while you simultaneously finish your assignment! This fitness tracker which holds battery stamina of 3 days and 10 days on standby! No more recharges everyday!

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All these features can be easily controlled with the NoiseFit PEAK app making it an overall effortless experience.

Noise Shots Ergo

These truly wireless earbuds will be your ‘best-buds’- quite literally. These Bluetooth earbuds are ergonomically designed to sit well in your ear. Wireless earbuds falling off is not even the last thing a user wants and noise makes sure this doesn’t happen. The buds not only rest easily and firmly in your ear but also in the charging case.

The mention of a charging case brings us to discussing the battery life. You get a 5 hour playback on these babies standalone and a full 20 hour playback with the charging case. The case also supports c-type and quick charging. That’s quite a lot of battery right there; make sure you got yourself a great playlist!

The noise shots ergo are also rain and sweat proof also. Moreover, since comfort is always supreme when it comes to using technology, all your volume controls, call controls and playback controls rest on your earbuds so you’re never digging in your pockets to find your phone.

Noise ColorFit Nav

The newest entrant of the Noise catalogue, this Bluetooth smartwatch has all capabilities of being the best smartwatch of India. The Noise ColorFit Nav is the first noise Bluetooth smartwatch with an inbuilt GPS tracker. What does it do?

A built in GPS means accurate and real time distance-speed readings to your workouts. Moreover, since we are on the subject of working out, this bluetooth smartwatch provides the user with the opportunity of tracking 10 different sports! Now whether its strength training, running or even your dancing sessions, the Colorfit Nav tracks it all for you. Talking about looks, the Colorfit Nav stages a 1.4” LCD display with a 320 x 320 pixel resolution and is smudge resistance to give you crystal clear usage and adding to your existing excitement are customizable font sizes

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Moreover, this bluetooth smartwatch is available in two colors- stealth black and camo green.

Noise Shots Rush

Bringing back the wireless earbuds, the Noise shots rush definitely match up to the name. The features this gadget possess are sure to give your techie soul an adrenaline ‘rush’. The Noise shots Rush bring to you high quality and allow you to refine your music with pop, rock and classic modes. These truly wireless earbuds have been designed to have silicone hooks that are unshakeable, giving you a truly elite workout session.

These Bluetooth earphones are also sweat and rain proof, along with a 6 hour playback on a single charge, and 3x charges from the case, totalling up to a 24 hours of battery. The controls are one tap away and all on your earbud body itself-uninterrupted workouts. The Noise Shots Rush are Google and Siri compatible, and are available in three gorgeous colours- quick silver, charcoal grey and wine red.

Noise Fit Fusion:

Since our question is about the scepticism associated with investing in a Bluetooth smartwatch or not, the noise fit fusion would be an undeniable candidate of answering this one for you. Why we say so is because:

Noise Fit Fusion = Old classics + Brand new technology.

Bringing you your classic analog watch looks while giving you the best existing technological features as well is exactly what this bluetooth smartwatch does. The NoiseFit Fusion is nothing like the regular watch, yet everything like it.

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This Bluetooth smartwatch works both ways-analog and digital.

You can always see the time with the mechanical hands of the watch and as soon as you receive a social media notification, the smart hands automatically align so you can read everything clearly. Not just this, but it has all these other features too:

  • For starters, the Bluetooth smartwatch is water resistant up to 5 ATM.
  • Not only this but, the NoiseFit Fusion acts as your personal health coach; with a 3-axis accelerometer and optical heart rate sensor, the watch tracks your sleep and health.
  • Talking of tracking health, The NoiseFit Fusion nudges you to move, snack and hydrate too.
  • Moreover, the NoiseFit Fusion shows all your social media notifications, call and SMS alerts right on your 1.22” display, while supporting pre set quick replies!
  • And not only this, it helps you set reminders too- never forgetting the due date on that assignment or logging into that meeting!
  • Bringing back the talk about comfort, this watch keeps you updated about everything happening around you. It shows you the weather forecast, moreover, you can easily play, pause and skip tracks for ultimate musical comfort.
  • What sets apart the NoiseFit Fusion is the camera control. Capture the perfect shot with just a tap on you smartwatch; yes to home photo shoots now!

One might feel sporting so many features might drain a lot of battery and add another task to your daily calendar. But, the NoiseFit Fusion goes for a full 30 days in analog mode and 3 days in the digital mode! Kind of unbelievable right? Well, that’s technology my friend.

Investing in a ‘smart’ gadget won’t be a stupid decision after all.


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