Check Out These 5 Free Photo Collage Templates

Check Out These 5 Free Photo Collage Templates

In the olden times, if you want to make a photo collage, you have to get a bunch of magazines ready. You also need glue, scissors, and a lot of time to cut, collate, and paste every detail together. Sadly, this traditional method doesn’t look professional. Though this old school approach works for school and family projects, this won’t be effective for business marketing efforts. Thanks to technological breakthroughs, you can get started with this free online collage maker, which allows you to make stunning and professional images for business and personal use.

Now, you don’t have to pay a graphic designer to make your promotional materials. You can also craft personal projects without messing up your fingers with glue. With’s free online collage maker, it becomes easier to design digital projects. You can readily upload photos from your phone library, FB account, or Google Dropbox. How wonderfully convenient! Now, your lovely images won’t be wasted and hidden in your phone memory. With this digital tool, you can showcase your best photos together in one single frame. The best part is it looks professionally done.

The Process of Creating Beautiful Layouts

The ultimate key to finding the perfect template for your project is first figuring out how many photos you want to use. offers numerous free collage templates that can accommodate different pics, so you’re bound to find one that suits your needs. Templates are akin to blueprints, which make things easy for you.

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Though many people know Adobe Photoshop leads as the best graphic design software, it also holds the reputation of being quite complex and complicated. Apart from being costly, you need to learn how to use the features. Proficiency means you can maximize the program. However, it requires a time commitment, which most busy people like you don’t have.

Hence, it makes more sense to utilize a free online collage maker like Firstly, nothing beats free! This online tool comes with no hidden charges. All you need to do is sign up for free. Secondly, it comes with user-friendly tools. And finally, it comes with beautiful themed templates that make things easy. Here’s how to get things done:

  • Pick the template that best suits your purpose.
  • Though this comes with built-in stickers and layout arrangements, you can personalize it with stickers, colors, fonts, and borders.
  • Modify your layout to make it pretty, then save it for use on your website or various social media profiles.
  • Another option is to download the final image in high-resolution so you can print it.

Top 5 Pic Collage Templates

When designing your collage using a free online collage maker like, you must carefully select the right template. Your choice affects your theme. It also determines how many pics you can place and what info you can share. Whether you’re a student who needs to submit a collage poster or an entrepreneur who must make digital announcements, your chosen template design bears the weight of conveying your unique story. Be sure to select the right template that ensures your audience grasps your message. Take a look at the top 5 fave popular templates on

Try the Classic Grid Template

As its name suggests, this provides you with a seamless and organized grid. Whether you’re looking to arrange 2 photos or 15 photos in one frame, this template can help you do the job. All you have to do is pick how many pictures you want to include, and then you can make the customized tweaks. Add stickers, graphics, and fonts. You can also try changing the background colors. You can use it for:

  • Showcasing numerous parties and travel photos in photobooks.
  • Create an infographic for your business landing page.
  • Craft a social media post to share your thoughts with your followers.
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Remember, modern citizens of this digital world have reduced attention spans. No one has the time to peruse many pages or click multiple photos. Thus, you must say all the important things in one go!

Spruce Profiles with a Social Media Template

Are you an influencer in dire need of a pro-looking FB cover? You may be a business owner looking to spruce up your LinkedIn background. Or are you an ordinary Joe looking for a creative social media post?’s social media templates can help you create social media banners for your personal and business needs. With this template from our free online collage maker, you can use multiple photos for your Twitter header, FB cover, or LinkedIn background. Furthermore, it let’s you maximize the limited space while assuring that the photos don’t get distorted on mobile viewing.

Update Family and Friends with a Happy Home Template

This is perfect for personal use because, as the name suggests, this is all about your family. This template allows you to use 4 photos in one go. Noteworthy, it has a fun “happy home” sticker right in the middle. Of course, this works beautifully with the theme because your home is the center of your life. Home is where your heart is. You can share the final collage by:

  • Making social media posts for family and friends
  • Creating lovely picture frames for home and office decor
  • Crafting unique photobooks to preserve your memories
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Optimize the Promo / Offer Template

If there’s one for the home, of course, there’s also one for business. Entrepreneurs love our free online collage maker because of the various special offer templates. There’s the Hot Deals, Authentic Products, Sale, Special Offers, Free Shipping, and Clearance template. Any business needs to promote their offerings to entice clients to buy. Through these various promo templates, you can use multiple product pictures and clip art to make your clients aware of your special deals. Use this for the following:

  • Posting on social media
  • Printing discount coupons
  • Making flyers to hand out
  • Texting on FB pm, Viber, etc.
  • Emailing newsletter promos

Remember Events With a Save the Date Template

Whether it’s for business or personal life, you will always find an important event to celebrate. It could be a founder’s day, one-day sale, birthday, graduation, etc. If you want important people to remember this date, you need to use this eye-catching template to ensure great memory recall. This allows you to create stunning invites that people will never forget. Additionally, you can print it out for mailing the traditional way. You can also use the digital format to post online.

The Day to Start Crafting is NOW

Photo collages are a great way to convey your message concisely. There are many platforms for collage making, but the best choice is always a FREE tool like You can make beautiful layouts for personal use. As for the business component, you could eliminate spending on a media manager or ad company. Thanks to a digital collage maker, your creative options are now endless.

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