What is the Best Website to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7

Did you know that only a small handful of countries forbid SIM and phone locking? Have you ever tried to buy a handset online thinking you’ll be saving money, only to realize that your SIM card doesn’t work in it? Perhaps you’ve tried to change providers after finishing your contract but you can’t use your current handset? All of these frustrations can be easily removed when you know how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 phones, assuming that’s your device of choice.

It’s interesting that providers in most countries across the world still lock their mobiles. Perhaps phone companies want extra security to tie customers into their payment plans. However, anyone can terminate their contract whether their phone is locked or not. Unfortunately, the idea of terminating a contract is daunting to most of us, therefore why not simply unlock your phone? You’ll be able to change service providers much more easily and completely legally.

Why Would You Want to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Phones?

  • Avoid signing up to a new contract
  • Keep your current handset

Depending on which tech site you go to, Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones are more or less 50/50 per cent popular. Yes, Android has done a good job in competing with iOS. Some people even have one of each phone to enjoy apps from both operating systems.

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So, let’s look at how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 phones even though they are a few years old. It’s worth reviewing though because, today, almost 3 quarters of people want to avoid upgrading their phones in order to save money. With a locked phone though, you might feel stuck with your current provider even if you’ve finished your contract. They almost force you to upgrade phones even if your current handset works perfectly well. However, help is at hand thanks to service providers who now exist to unlock all your phones legally.

Options that Will Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Phones

When you start searching, you’ll soon realize that unlocking service providers exist, as do cellphone unlock apps. The Galaxy provides some apps that can help you unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7 phones. You also have the option to ask your network carrier provider to unlock your phone. However, depending on the carrier, they usually only unlock phones for a short time or with some small print attached.

In terms of online unlocking services, some are free and some ask for a small fee. However, as expected, most reputable providers do ask for a small fee. Let’s not forget that unlocking phones can also have fraudulent reasons behind it. It’s only too easy to steal a phone, unlock it and claim it was yours all along. Therefore, choose one of the most reliable unlocking providers and pay a small fee for ease of conscience. Also, if you get the wrong code you run the risk of breaking your phone beyond repair.

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When cross-referencing various sites, the most frequently recommended unlocking providers are:

  • UnlockBase
  • doctorSIM
  • Cellunlocker


This site is easy to use and it’s also fast and reliable. You’ll be able to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 phones as well as most other phones across the US and most countries worldwide. The site also has a very useful table that summarizes cost, delivery times and service level.


As you might expect, some unlocking service providers, such as doctorSIM, also provide other support services such as phone repairs and phone deal comparisons. In terms of how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 phones, you simply fill in the request form and choose your payment method. You’ll then receive your code and easy-to-follow instructions via email.


The service provider offers several ways to unlock your phone, including network, remote and software unlocking methods. Different handsets and various carriers present a range of complexities when it comes to unlocking them. What might work for one will be different for another. Therefore, with Cellunlocker, you can be confident that they will have an option that works for you.

You can also browse through their accessories should you need a wireless car charger or a new SIM. You actually need a new SIM when you unlock the phone otherwise you won’t get prompted for a code. Consequently, cellunlocker truly provides a full service offering to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 phones and many more brands.

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Final Recommendations for How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Phones

Unlocking your mobile phone is hugely beneficial whether you want to keep your handset and change your network provider or simply because you want the option to change the SIM when you travel. Luckily, it’s very easy to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 phones as well as other brands with the available unlocking service providers. The examples listed above give you some ideas but read their testimonials to make sure you’re happy with your choice. You can then sit back and enjoy optimal pricing for your lifestyle with your choice of network provider.

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