How to Start a Brick-and-Mortar Gaming Business

Internet retail has grown at a significant rate over the past decade. As more consumers trust and use online retailers, brick-and-mortar businesses have adjusted to the changing marketplace. Some stores have closed, while others have thrived.

The success of any physical store location depends on several factors. People prefer to shop in-person for some products. Other stores effectively distinguish themselves from competitors and use their physical location to generate online and direct sales. Gaming businesses meet distinct marketplace needs, and new brick-and-mortar gaming businesses can thrive by implementing these strategies.

Create a business plan

To create an effective business plan, you must do extensive industry research. Identify your competitors and determine how you can set yourself apart from the competition. Create a mission statement for your business, decide what business structure is ideal for your company, identify the resources you need, create an operating budget, and prepare revenue projections. Effective business plans can secure loans or investment capital to launch your company and cover any extra costs that come up.

Find a suitable location


Brick-and-mortar stores are physical store locations, which means that business owners need to find the right building in the right spot. Evaluate options and choose an appropriate location. Easy access to parking and public transit can significantly impact your company’s success. You’ll also need enough space to hold the stock and resources you need.

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In addition to your physical location, you will need a professional website. Many physical stores also sell products online, which can be an effective way to supplement your store’s revenue and expand your market.

Distinguish your store from competitors

Customize the facade of your building to create a distinct look and feel suited to your business. For example, if you’re in the Columbus area, you can Google “awnings Columbus Ohio” to learn about storefront awnings, as well as outdoor seating awnings. If your physical location has a patio where patrons can sit and work on their computers, you may want to invest in an outdoor seating awning to reduce glare and shelter patrons from rain. You could also opt to have professional awning producers design and install a retractable awning with your company logo. Reputable awning companies will offer a free estimate for an awning that will increase your company’s curb appeal and complement your outdoor space.

Facilitate on-site gaming


Gamers will expect a wide assortment of games and opportunities to test featured games on-site. Invest in game server hosting. With dedicated hosting, your customers will be able to test role-playing games (RPGs) and multiplayer games (MPGs). Your game server speed will affect the quality of gameplay. A dedicated server eliminates the lag time and ensures game clients enjoy the best performance each game offers. Dedicated servers are more secure, which also means that your business will be less vulnerable to hacks.

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On-site gaming and a dedicated server also secure your store’s value for consumers. Downloading games has contributed to a decline in physical media sales, which has hurt retailers who sell games. Hosting tournaments for gamers and facilitating high-speed downloads can attract consumers plagued by slow internet speeds at home. With dedicated hosting, your store can also function as a cafe for gamers who rent console or computer time to enjoy an optimal gaming experience. You can diversify your business by offering game tutorials, performing game setup, assisting clients with downloads, uploading game patches, and hosting streaming site tutorials.

Implement your marketing strategy

Gamers have multiple online communities, and you can establish your business and your brand by establishing a community presence with gamers. Have your staff stream games on streaming sites, such as Twitch, YouTube gaming, and Smashcast. Promote your services by sponsoring streams and networking with professional streamers. Supporting established streamers and the gaming community can generate goodwill among gamers who will support your business.

Prepare to start your business by developing a comprehensive business plan. Once you have your business plan and financing in place, you’ll be ready to secure the resources you need. Distinguishing your brick-and-mortar gaming business from competitors, offering a diverse range of services to gamers, and implementing an effective marketing strategy will ensure you effectively establish your gaming company and attract business from gamers.

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