Wgat is Vibration monitoring?

When working on a construction project a lot of big machines are used. It is important that all those machines to the work they need to do. But there is always a possibility that something goes wrong. There can be a mistake that leads to failure or downtime in the project. Some of those problems are caused by vibration problems. Vibration monitoring is a good way to detect possible problems that may occur in those big projects. With vibration monitoring, you can find different kinds of mistakes like imbalance and looseness. The analyses that you get will warn you. They are there due to the big amount of data that is tracked in thousands of similar situations.

The equipment

To measure the vibration, you will need different kinds of equipment. You need a system that can measure vibrations and you will need vibration analysis equipment to analyse all the data you have gotten. Those equipment are extremely hard to use. To do the test right, you will need special training. For most situations, it is even better to hire a third party that can help you with the job. It is important to have the right equipment so all the possible faults will be detected.

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The empowering team

The failures need to be fixed when they are found. This work is done by the empowering team. To start, they will collect and all the data that is been found by the vibration analysis equipment. After this, they will correct every mistake that has been made at an earlier stage. In the end, they need to make sure that the possible downtime is avoided, and the project can go on.

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