How To Set Up Social Media Accounts for Your Small Business

Social Media is a great way to advertise your small business. It allows you to connect with potential customers at all times of the day. There are many different sites available, and creating an account is fast, easy and free. Follow these steps to get started.

Complete Contact Profile 

There is some basic information you need to have to make a social media account. You should already have a business logo, email and phone line. If you don’t have a dedicated line for your business, consider using VoIP service as an alternative to an additional cell phone or landline. You also need multiple catchy pictures that create a great first impression on your customers. Each account then has you enter information into specific sections of the site, including location, business hours, etc.

Define Your Business 

When you have a social media account, you are advertising what your company is all about. It’s best to do this in a short, direct description that grabs users’ attention. Let them know what you have to offer and why choosing your company is in their best interest. This statement is displayed at the top of your social media pages, and you use it with other types of advertising, so spend some time on it to ensure it is exactly what you want.

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Entice Customers

Everyone loves getting something for free. Some social media platforms allow you to display free offers for your customers. Your product can be as simple as a coupon, ebook or signing up for your newsletter. Giving something away to your customer is a great way to give people an example of your business and get people to come back for more.

Social media is a fantastic way to advertise your business and connect with customers quickly. Creating a business account is simple if you follow these recommended steps.

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