How to Diversify Your Real Estate Portfolio

As an investor, it is essential to diversify your real estate portfolio to increase your opportunities and protect yourself by minimizing risks. So how exactly can you diversify your portfolio? Here are a few ways

Acquire More Units

By investing in more units and properties, it is hard to disrupt your cash flow. Imagine a scenario where you have one single rental property. If the renter vacates, you immediately lose your cash flow. But if you have around ten units, you have only disrupted 10% of your cash flow if one renter vacates.

Mix both Residential and Commercial Property

Do not just focus on residential properties, as is common with most investors. Residential properties are more straightforward investments but as you grow, diversify your portfolio by investing in commercial property. Both have their advantages and disadvantages that balance each other out.

Avoid Using Your Own Money

This lowers the risk of putting your personal net worth at stake. Learn how to invest in real estate by taking loans, partnering with capital investors, and crowdfunding. It will open doors to better diversification opportunities, such as different types of properties in different areas.

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Buy At Different Times

There is a strategy that stock investors use called dollar-cost averaging. The aim is to reduce volatility when purchasing investments. For example, you have $20,000; instead of investing it at once, you invest $2,000 every month for ten months. This prevents you from investing at high price points.

Invest In Different Areas

Investing in different geographical areas is another way of diversification. The real estate market in different towns is not the same. You will find that one is flourishing at the moment, and another one has the potential to thrive in the future. Considering that the market is constantly changing, you get to enjoy the best of both areas by investing in both.

As you diversify your portfolio, learn how you can earn from different sources of revenue from your property. This ensures that you maximize your property’s value and earn extra income.

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