What Are the Mysterious Last Names That Start With B in the U.S?

We all have a thing for mysterious names. However, today we are going to share the mysterious surnames (last name) that start with N. These names are common in the US but most people are still not aware of most of them.

In our list of mysterious last names starting with B, we will share the last name, origin, meaning, and ancestry to make it easier to track. Also, we will share the popularity of these last names state-wise in the US.

This list is often used to find some interesting last names for a kid. When you have a preference for the letter B, you can find some suitable surnames here. Getting direct access to the complete information related to these names will ensure you make an informed decision.

Top 10 Mysterious Last Names With B

Here are our most mysterious last names starting with B. For the complete list, check out CocoFinder’s list and explore 1000 popular names.


Buckmaster is one of the most mysterious last names starting with the letter B. It is an Old English name and stands for “minster” which means a ‘Large Church’. The name is taken from a personal name Bucca that is still popular in English-speaking countries.

There are only 163 people in California with this last name (California being the most commonplace for the descendants with this last name).


Barnes is considered one of the most mysterious surnames because it is a topographical name. It was used for people who live around the Barm. Also, it was famous among the workers who work in a Barn. This last name has its origin from the English community and the ancestry traces back to the English-speaking countries.

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Barnes is most common in Texas and you can find hundreds of people with the same surname there.


It is a Jewish and Polish family name and is still used by hundreds of families in the US. The surname is a habitational name for people who are from the village of Baranow. The most important thing to know is that there are many other villages like Baran, Baranowice, and Baranoka that share this surname for the same reason.

Due to its Polish origin, there are not many families in the US. Still, more than 1696 people are found with the same last name.


Bellows is another mystical last name that was assigned to the people who used to make Bellows. The origin of this name is English and many people can trace their ancestry to the English countries. In some areas, even the users of Bellows were also nicknamed Bellows. Therefore, it is hard to track whether it is for the users or makers of Bellows.

If we go with the popularity of this last name, you will find 1665 people in the US with the same surname. However, most of them can be found in California and Texas alone.

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Budde has its North german origin and is used as an occupational name for cooper. However, there are roots of its ancestry in German and Danish as well. In English, it is known as the variant spelling of Budd and has the same meaning.

Around 1,663 people in the United States have it as their surname. The interesting fact about this surname is that it is relatively equal in many states of America. However, Wisconsin has the largest population of this surname with 163 members.


Bartolotta is a mysterious name that has Italian origin and is named after a person. However, most people are not sure about the credibility of this information. Many believe that Bartolo is the ancestor from whom this surname was started. Due to the same reason, the meaning of this name has nothing to do with geographical factors.

Only 983 people in the United States are registered with this last. It is one of the rarest last names registered in the Census.


Baize is a French-originated name that is popularized in America in the last few decades. However, many believe that it is taken from the French word Beze, which is a habitational name for some unknown river in Burgundy.

It has a little over 1000 citizens in the United States. However, most of them are found in Kentucky, Texas, and Indiana alone.


Brightman is an occupational name for a person who is a servant of ‘Bright. The name originated from the English community and is similar to surnames like Richman, Wightman, etc. The ancestry of this name traces back to the English countries and most people with this last name still live there.

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As far as the US is concerned, there are only 1009 members with this surname.


Although we have a famous scientist, Neils Bohr, with this surname, it is still one of the most mysterious names in the world. It has a German origin and the name is an alternative spelling for Baar. The meaning is taken from a personal name Baar.

The name is quite rare in the US and only 1080 people are recognized with this surname. Pennsylvania has the most (171) people with Bohr as their surname.


Not a lot of people know that Brick is an Irish last name with more than 1,591 people with this surname. The meaning of this name is

‘Descendants of Broc’ is taken from a personal name with a meaning- Freckled.

The name is most popular in New York with around 154 registered citizens.


B is a pretty common word that makes up around 5% of the total recorded surnames in the United States. Today, we focused on some mysterious names that are not very popular and come with some interesting origins.

You can track the ancestry of each of these names easily. However, we recommend doing complete research before choosing them for your kids. It is important because the same last name can have different meanings in different languages.

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