Essential documents required to rent a car in Dubai as tourists

A popular and reputed place as a tourist destination, Dubai welcomes not only interested tourists but also offers career prospects as a developed business hub. Thus, you have to arrange your traveling mode beforehand for whatever purposes you visit or are in Dubai.

You should prioritize your travel mode and your stay because you obviously will be going from one place to another. Moreover, with public transport, you cannot access every possible destination you want to go to. Hence, the most convenient option that you can opt for is to look for car rentals.

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Since Dubai serves various purposes to its visitors, tons of companies or individual service providers offer car rentals to its clients. And as a universal fact, different car rental providers have other client requirements and types of car availability. Suppose you want to acquire your desired car, such as a luxury car, a sports car, or a car for off-roading trips. In that case, you need to fulfill the car rental processes with all the essential documents asked by the provider.

rent a car dubai

Therefore, I have put together a checklist of the necessary documents you should take care of if you want to rent a car Dubai. Nonetheless, you should perhaps keep in mind that the requirements for car rentals in Dubai or anywhere in the world vary from tourists and its residents. So, let us now see what those essentials are.

The points listed below are the documents that a tourist must have to rent a car in Dubai.

  • Original passport 
  • Original VISA 
  • Original driving license
  • International driving permit (IDP)
  • Other possible additional requirements

Car rental providers these days offer cars on rent with drivers. However, if you want to drive the rented car by yourself, you would have to procure a valid IDP/IDL along with your original & valid Driver’s License. When you go around in Dubai, both these documents must be present with you to avoid unwanted penalties by the traffic police. However, as a tourist, your driving license, if valid in UAE, is just enough to get through.

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When you are in Dubai, all those documents listed above must be with you whether you drive or not. But, in addition to those documents, there are still specific considerations that you better note.

  • Insurance coverage is undoubtedly a crucial element to put the car on the road in Dubai. Hence, you better get additional personal loss & damage waiver protection coverage if an unwanted incident happens with the rental car. 
  • Driving rules must be strictly followed. If not, be ready to bear the consequences because Dubai is stringent and thorough with rules violations and penalties/fines. When you get your car rental, ensure that you receive all the required documents and necessary instructions. 
  • Another rule that must be known to all is that one must be 18 years of age & above to drive a car. But, to rent a car in Dubai, one must be 21 years of age & above.

That being said, a tourist should be aware of all the possible rules and processes that they think might be of use.

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