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One when thinks of the Medical field and Doctors the first thing that comes up to mind are big thick Books, Journals, and Magazines. As we are moving forward towards a more paperless society and a more digitalized society, digitization of this important aspect of society is also crucial and is coming up.

Medical Dialogues the Leading dedicated news portal for doctors and health professionals is playing an important role in digitally racing out paper and providing doctors with specially curated news according to their speciality. Medical dialogues are in touch with the leading Medical publishers as well as 200+ Journals in India and Abroad and are systematically covering every important research, study, clinical trial that can be relevant to doctors for their practice, besides medical associations across the world regularly release practice guidelines that form the basis of any medical practice and guide the doctors on diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

Medical Dialogues publishes Medical News, guidelines, and page updates across 22 specialities. Any landmark Surgery performed across the country and worldwide is also covered providing details on how the doctors perform the surgery.

Understanding the need of doctors and healthcare to access relevant medical information promptly without having to spend much time reading the news, Medical dialogues provide the doctors and health professionals with news in short so that they can get the gist of the information and do not have to spend time going through the entire journals. Medical Dialogues team consisting of doctors and medical journalists also eases the task of going through journals for doctors as they have to be constantly updated with the ongoing research and development in the medical field. Hundreds of journals are scanned and shortlisted and their summary is made so that the doctors don’t have to spend much time reading the entire journals.

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Having said that the news at Medical Dialogues does not compete with the journals rather is aimed at promoting more readership of the journals, Medical Dialogues also provide the doctors with links to journals if they wish to read them in detail.

About Medical Dialogues

Medical Dialogues is the largest medical news portal in India, drawing traffic of more than 2 million visitors per month and more than 6 lakh registered users from the medical fraternity.

Medical Dialogues readership primarily includes MBBS Doctors, General practitioners, Medical students and specialists, and super specialists from various fields including Gynaecologists, Oncologists, Cardiologists, etc. we also have a dedicated readership from hospitals and other healthcare participants including AYUSH practitioners, nurses, and industry professionals.

Medical Dialogues also possesses the prestigious HONcode certification, the mark of authentic health information on the net.

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