5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Office 365

Office 365 is a very well-known productive toolset. You will find some tools here that will allow you to perform the most essential tasks in the office. Keep in mind that Office 365 has a lot in common with the traditional office suite. So you are already familiar with these awesome office tools. However, it is true that Office 365 has some feature-rich tools that you may not have had before which we will discuss in the main part such as the co-authorization facility, or the opportunity to collaborate, or the advantage of working together in real-time.

Similarly, you will get almost all the services of Office 365 equally through mobile apps or browsers because the complete Office 365 app provides cloud-based services. You can easily access all your files from all devices. Moreover, the Office 365 app is completely business-friendly. Thus the Office 365 tool is quite effective in increasing productivity among the employees which are already recognized by the users.

So if you want to know about some more awesome features of Office 365 then this article will help you. Now let’s get started to know more about the amazing things of Office 365.

5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Office 365

Already a big fan of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc? Or do you prefer Skype or SharePoint? Bigger than you might think, Office 365’s cloud-based tools will give you all these awesome benefits. At the same time, you will get many more benefits which we will discuss now.

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1. Real-time editing

Office 365’s co-authoring facility is excellent. Since Word, Excel, etc you can use the cloud very nicely so using more than one author of the same file now is straightforward. In real-time, multiple authors can edit a file through collaboration. This will increase your working capacity. Similarly, creativity and productivity will increase several times. The word tool is really great for editing, proofreading, or suggestions with Office 365.

Similarly, you can access the file from any place or device whenever you need it without any problem. You can also collaborate without any hassle from your mobile device too. Moreover, you get the option to check the version history. If you feel the need, you can switch to any of the previous versions without any issue.

2. Effective Task management

Office 365 has made task management much easier and more collaborative. You can share tasks with more than one employee as well. You can manage tasks through a calendar. You can even let everyone know by sharing tasks through the team. Suppose you have created a task. You want to give someone access to it. You can easily do that through Office 365. Even if you want to assign specific tasks to certain people and when they have completed the task, you can do so by getting an email. This way you can easily manage any task without any problem.

Similarly, in Microsoft’s to-do list app, you can see the projects of the task. You get all the tasks in one place. Even from here you can schedule tasks and assign others. Thus this Office 365 tool from Microsoft gives you multiple opportunities to increase your productivity. The funny thing is that as many lines as we have to write to say the words, it is easier to do the work. You can complete the task in a few clicks without any hesitation. Another thing is that you can change the managing rule in Outlook Email as a task.

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3. Create new meetings

This feature is really good for you if you do not want to change the calendar, meeting or task, etc. always from your email. I personally like it very much. For example, you are using email, which we all do. Now you need to create a new task. Now you can create new tasks or appointments right from the email inbox without having to go anywhere else. In the same way, adding or checking new contacts or adding reminders or tasks in the calendar, you can do this in a few clicks without any issue. Creating or adding new meetings can be done in one place without any extra work. Getting Microsoft Office 365 Support is also effortless.

4. Communication

Now let’s talk about the most important feature of the communication system at the moment. Office 365 is designed to get the most out of your business from this one place. So Skype app, or team where you can easily solve the task by team or group. You can also do this if you want to have a private chat with the staff. You don’t have to think about any other app or tool to communicate. If you want, you can also bring innovation in email communication through your business email. You can send scheduled emails, which is really nice in this app. You will find a number of features for sending emails to Outlook that will be of utmost importance to you for communication, file sharing, or collaboration.

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5. Security

The last feature that will make you worry-free is security. Now we have to think a lot about the security of our data. There are cyber attacks all around that actually create the fear of losing business data which, of course, Office 365 can overcome that fear a lot. You get 50 GB of cloud storage in the initial subscription which is very useful for storing your files or data. Moreover, the Office 365 encrypted system is quite updated. So it ensures maximum security. Similarly, the malware scan system is quite advanced in Microsoft 365. So the worry about your safety is greatly reduced.


We hope you enjoy the awesome features described above in Office 365. There are also many more features that will greatly increase your productivity in many ways. Office 365 will play a really important role in the digital version of your business. Moreover, this service of Microsoft will give a great opportunity to enter the cloud age. However, if you have more information, you can contact us directly through the comments. Thanks for staying with us.


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