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Many people prefer to handle their own home maintenance tasks. They love the idea of being able to repair a broken deadbolt lock at their house or tackling any number of other home repairs. In cases like this, having a dependable local hardware store is a plus.

Hardware stores get their products from wholesalers such as Banner Solutions. We’ll dig a bit further into why a hardware store should shop with Banner Solutions for their product needs.

Banner Solutions


The need for a local area hardware store has been around for decades if not centuries. Back in pioneering days, the supplies that these stores provided could literally spell life or death for settlers in the Old West. In later years, many people couldn’t afford the services of repair businesses, often opting to conduct such fixes themselves. Now, though many people still do rely on such services, there are a host of other individuals who conduct home repairs on their own. This is where a premier hardware store provider such as Banner Solutions comes into play.

As a wholesaler with many years of service, Banner Solutions (formerly known as Akron Hardware) supplies the top-tier offerings that a hardware store needs. This wholesaler has tapped into various industrial networks to ensure that they will only deliver the best product that your hardware store requires. They offer a wide range of wares, including commercial locks, electronic access control products, door trim, key cabinets, fire extinguisher cabinets, lites, and louvers. Maybe you need a stock of additional locks or deadbolts for your store. Banner Solutions can provide you with quality products that will keep your customers coming back.

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Banner Solutions prides itself on providing retailers with new products at an impressive speed, utilizing a sizable network of hardware suppliers that they’ve built over the years. Outmatching their competition on a variety of fronts, Banner Solutions also strives to change their customers’ expectations of what a wholesaler does. Overall, hardware stores that do business with Banner Solutions will reap the benefits of this fruitful relationship.

Door Locks

We all want to be safe in our own homes. Whether it’s a two-bedroom, one-bath ranch-style house in the suburbs or a one-bedroom apartment in the city, you need to protect your home with any number of locks. Banner Solutions provides hardware stores with some of the best locks on the market. They keep track of the various features of these locks to ensure that they are quality material. This includes checking the double cylinder functions and total keying charges of any additional locks that you might want to add to your home.

They supply the best offerings when it comes to the residential door hardware. Whether it’s traditional key locks or electronic access control locks, Banner Solutions provides top-tier selections for your home locks. The wholesaler also supplies lever locksets, knob locksets, deadbolts, electronic handle sets, and key management systems. Banner Solutions is one of the best go-to wholesalers when it comes to residential locks.

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Door Trim and Accessories


When a customer conducts a construction job at their house, they’ll often use door trim to hide unsightly construction gaps that are left between the frame and drywall. The other use for door trim is that it helps to enhance the architectural beauty of the home. Banner Solutions offers a wide variety of door trim tools and accessories that a homeowner can find at their local hardware store.

Some of these accessories include pulls, plates, signage, bottom thresholds, rain drip guards, flush bolts, door bars, and kick protection plates. For a homeowner seeking these additional products, finding a local hardware store that carries each of these accessories can be extremely helpful. A hardware store would do well to build a relationship with wholesaler Banner Solutions. Such a relationship will help to ensure that they stay stocked up with the residential door hardware needed for any home trim jobs.

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