Easy Ways to Secure Your Data Storage

There are several easy ways to secure your data storage. Some of these are: Using a strong password, Encryption, Two-factor authentication, and Segmenting users by role. Some of these methods are very easy to implement but read on to learn more if you’re unsure about anyone. Below are some tips to make your data storage as secure as possible.

Strong passwords

As more personal information is stored online, creating strong passwords is paramount. The key to building solid passwords is to ensure that they are hard to guess and difficult to crack by a brute-force attack. When creating a password, make sure it is long, contains a mix of letters and numbers, and does not contain any dictionary words. Choose a long, complicated password that does not reveal your identity to secure your data from hacking. Try to use a mixture of upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. Also, avoid using your name, email address, or any other personal information that a malicious program could obtain. People who use this information for their online activities are more likely to be hacked than those who use it for passwords.


Despite their ease of use and affordability, cloud-based storage environments are not without security risks. Security concerns are a top priority for businesses and enterprises, but only 5% of organizations secure their data properly. Fortunately, cloud-based storage environments like https://portworx.com/use-case/kubernetes-storage/ offer a variety of ways to secure your data. Even if physical access is unavoidable, you should make it as difficult for hackers to access your data.

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Even though cloud storage services automatically encrypt data, you can still further protect your files by encrypting them before uploading. Using a third-party encryption tool can prevent hackers from gaining access to your files. Encrypting your data before uploading to a cloud service is especially important because your files will be sent over the internet, where viruses, spyware, and other malware may lurk. In addition, if you use cloud storage, you should always create a local backup copy of your files and folders before storing them anywhere.

Two-factor authentication

There are many ways to protect your information on the web. One way to protect your data is to use two-factor authentication. This process involves adding a second step to your authentication process, saving your passwords and other private information. For example, using a fingerprint to access your email account is not a good idea since hackers can copy it. Instead, a password is the best option, but a text message code can be used if you don’t have a smartphone to do it.

Another way to secure your data is to use biometric authentication. Biometric authentication requires an additional identification method, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, and other forms of biometrics. In addition, biometric authentication includes different passwords and identification methods and may even be location-based. In this case, an account owner will have to provide a second means of verification if they are in an unknown location.

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Segmenting users based on roles

Security is the number one priority for most companies today. One of the most common ways to ensure the safety of sensitive data is to segment users based on their roles. While this approach is not without its risks, it can help companies protect sensitive data from hackers and other attackers. In addition, segmenting users by function helps companies understand which users need access to what data and what types of access are acceptable.

By segmenting users based on their roles, organizations can better understand their user base and improve the product experience. For example, cohort groups of similar users can reveal the traits common to those most likely to purchase the product. Segmentation also helps go-market teams determine which marketing channels will likely generate paid users. It can also help product teams better design experiences for different users, leading to higher levels of engagement, satisfaction, and expansion.

Zero-knowledge authentication

One of the best ways to protect your data from hackers is to use zero-knowledge authentication methods. This method works by only storing data that you own. Most cloud providers will retain your login information for security purposes. The most common way to recover a password is through a question-answer setup. Once you’ve reset your password, a unique code must be entered to gain access to your account.

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Zero-knowledge authentication works by using a cryptographic hash of the data. This hash is then compared against the original. There are two popular approaches, calculating the checksum of a whole file and a set of small blocks within a file. The entire file approach is less secure, as it requires the user to have the entire file to generate the hash. Additionally, a user may have difficulty remembering the secret key and be unable to authenticate successfully.

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