Top VR Apps for iOS in the World of Virtual Reality

It should come as no surprise that the concept of virtual reality is derived from the meanings of both “virtual” and “reality.” The word “virtual” means “near,” but “reality” refers to what we, as human beings, really go through in our lives. Therefore, “near-reality” is what’s meant to be understood when one refers to “virtual reality.” It is possible that this might signify anything, but in most cases, it is used to refer to a particular kind of reality simulation.

First of all we all need to know the difference between virtual and digital. So, that we can move forward to understand better. Our senses and the processes that underlie our perception allow us to understand the world. Everyone has acquired the knowledge that we have been taught in school that we have five senses: taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing. However, these are merely the sensory organs that are readily apparent to humans.

The reality is that people have a great deal more senses than only those listed below, such as a sense of balance as an example. Because of these and other sensory inputs, as well as some unique processing of sensory information by our brains, we are able to guarantee that a substantial amount of information is sent from our surroundings to our heads. In addition, a lot of people wonder whether it’s possible to watch Netflix in virtual reality on an iPhone. With the assistance of a VR app, the answer is yes. Some of the top VR apps for iOS are as follows:

  • Google Cardboard
  • Within VR
  • YouTube
  • Fulldive VR – Virtual Reality
  • Google Expeditions
  • Allumette
  • Mobile VR Station
  • Inception: VR & 360 Videos
  • Italia VR
  • Bookful

Google Cardboard

Those who already own a headset and are interested in learning how to make the most of it will find the Virtual Reality headset app to be an invaluable resource. It gives you the opportunity to experience virtual reality by way of five different trips that you may take. Because the design of the headset is available on Google’s website, you have the option of either making it yourself or purchasing a ready-made version of Cardboard from one of a number of different suppliers.

The Explorer mode gives you the opportunity to go around a digital setting. While Urban Hike was designed for those who want to travel to different places throughout the globe, the Exhibit experience is ideal for individuals who would like to go to a virtual reality museum. If you are seeking for an experience that will really blow your mind, you might consider going on an Artic Journey to view the Northern Lights.

Within VR

Everyone who has ever entertained the notion of seeing the world should download the Within VR software as soon as possible. It is constantly updated, allowing you to go to new areas as soon as they become accessible to you. If you are a lover of music, you may see a performance by U2 that is filmed in 360 degrees. There is a wealth of information available to environmental activists on the deforestation of the Amazon as well as other important climate challenges.

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The extensive library of material that can be investigated sets it apart from other virtual reality applications designed for iOS. This application has collaborated with a lot of organizations, including some of the most prominent publications, well-known businesses such as Sony and Samsung, and big studios such as Universal and NBC.


There are still some users who aren’t aware that YouTube includes a specialized Virtual Reality (VR) mode that you can use to view 360-degree films or watch conventional movies on a VR screen. Those who use a PlayStation to play video games may already be familiar with the second available choice. Watching a video that is too shaky to be pleasurable will, despite the fact that it could be an interesting experience overall, cause you to get exhausted in a short amount of time.

The primary reason for this is because they are enthusiastic about 360-degree media and virtual reality. The encouraging news is that this service offers access to an ever-expanding video library, which you may use to your advantage. The collection of videos may include everything from music videos to films of nature.

Fulldive VR – Virtual Reality

Fulldive VR is an example of a company that has been successful in its mission to provide a social virtual reality platform that is accessible to everyone. You may make and submit your own videos, just as in other virtual reality video applications for the iPhone, so that you can share them with other users. The software comes with a built-in movie collection that supports 360-degree playback.

You may utilize a specialized VR video player in order to see your own personal films. Additionally, it is not necessary to exit the application in order to see your photographs or surf the web. Some users who have previously experimented with doing this while using a PlayStation are aware that it is an excellent method for rapidly locating VR content of a good quality.

Google Expeditions

People who are interested in new technologies and have a desire to broaden their knowledge of the world around them will find that Google Expeditions is one of the most useful virtual reality applications available. Because this excursion, along with many others, is included in the application, it is no longer necessary for you to go on a hazardous adventure in order to take a photo at the base of Mount Everest. You may enjoy a virtual reality tour of historical places such as Teotihuacan and the Great Wall of China by using the Expeditions app on your mobile device.

This program is also ideal for teachers, since it enables them to provide virtual reality lectures to their pupils on a variety of disciplines, including ecology, biology, anatomy, and many more. It is not necessary to have a camera that can capture 360 degrees in order to create 360-degree tours. The Expeditions app may not provide its users with the most immersive experience, but it does make educational activities more interesting for children and facilitates the acquisition of new information in a manner that is both enjoyable and simple for them to do so.

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You won’t have to pay a dime to download the Allumette app in order to see an incredible virtual reality movie that is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl.” A narrative about a little girl who lives in a peculiar town above the skies will entertain you very much. You are free to explore this beautiful environment and go aimlessly wandering through the streets since it is quite similar to a game.

Even though none of the characters speak, they are nonetheless readily able to communicate their thoughts and sensations via body language and subtle sounds they make. The majority of stories that are comparable to those based on fairy tales only endure for up to ten minutes, but you will get twenty minutes to wander freely around the land of Allumette.

Mobile VR Station

This application may be used as a VR media player, and it will be ideal for users that are interested in having a VR experience that includes head tracking. The Mobile VR Station makes it simple to view your photographs, video clips, and other information on a virtual reality screen that floats in space. With it, you’ll be able to view material in both 2D and 3D simultaneously, as well as in an Over-Under mode. The main drawback of using this program is that it is unable to access material that is DRM-protected.

This program makes it simple for you to save virtual reality recordings on your iPhone, which answers the question of how to transfer VR videos to an iPhone. An additional benefit is that all of the functions may be personalized to the user’s preferences. In addition to that, you will value the superb quality of the playback. You have the ability to pick individualized settings for each user and VR headset.

Inception: VR & 360 Videos

The creators of Inception intended to provide players with access to a variety of virtual reality (VR) experiences; yet, the in-game library is currently very limited. Despite this, there are a lot of incredible videos that you may view online. You may, for instance, see a breathtaking virtual reality (VR) short that was made by Rachel Rosin and has music by Mac Demarco. Do not miss out on seeing the Dreams of Dali, an art show that is presented in a 360-degree format, if you are a lover of classic paintings.

In addition, the Asteroids adventure that is included in Inception is also included in a number of other iPhone VR applications. Those individuals who like to wander through the streets of the world’s most beautiful cities, visit art galleries, and listen to music performed by their favorite performers will find this choice to be ideal.

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Italia VR

Italia VR is an application that was developed for the purpose of assisting in the promotion of Italy in other countries by the authorized Italian National Tourist Board. It is comprised of a number of short videos that can be seen in 360 degrees and promote different characteristics of the European nation, such as its culture, cuisine, and way of life. The audience is transported to a range of interior and outdoor settings during each film.

The idea works quite well. For instance, users of Italia VR are not only shown a view of a restaurant as they would be in a standard 2D movie; rather, they are given the ability to look about the restaurant and see what the wait staff and other customers are doing. Regrettably, many of the movies are cut down to a manageable length, with less than a minute devoted to each place. The movement of the camera may sometimes seem a little bit slowly at times, and it often takes two full revolutions to turn 360 degrees in the application. It is hoped that an upcoming version to Italia VR will correct this issue.


When searching through the many virtual reality applications available for the iPhone, consumers may have difficulty rapidly locating the app that would be both beneficial and fun. Reading aficionados will find that Bookful is an excellent app. Because it allows you to read novels in three dimensions, this application is an excellent choice for both youngsters and adults who like reading interactive narratives. You are able to zoom in on any page to see everything more clearly, and turning a page is as simple as clicking on its tab.

Bookful wasn’t designed specifically for children, but we’ve found that books for kids are some of the most engaging to read. Reading well-known stories to children, such as “Jack and the Beanstalk,” that have had AR components added to them will be a fun experience for the children. To summarize, it’s a fantastic app for parents who wish to assist their children in discovering the joys of reading on their own.


If you want to experience the virtual reality world to its fullest extent, you should educate yourself on the top virtual reality applications for the iPhone. These apps provide you the ability to see cyberspace in its entirety, regardless of whether or not you have a headset. With the help of these applications, you may enjoy activities such as sight-seeing, going to exhibits, and going to music events without leaving the comfort of your own home. In addition, applications of this kind contribute to a more immersive game experience. This article covers the top virtual reality apps that help the audience in choosing the best application for them.

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