The Benefits of Mobile Phone Photography

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Now-a-days, everybody has mobile phone from 8 year old kid to 80 years old man, everybody is having their own personal smartphones. The fact that smartphones have cameras built is a nice feature. Every smartphone comes with a camera. This enables you to easily take pictures and record memories regardless of where you are.

Though people love to do mobile photography, it however, offer benefits and drawbacks. So, in this article we will tell you the benefits of Mobile Phone Photography.

  1. Mobile Phone Cameras are Compact & Lightweight

Traditional cameras are heavy and you cannot carry them everywhere. On the other hand, the mobile phone camera is lightweight and you can carry the mobile phone anywhere and click photos. Your smartphone won’t cause any problems when you carry it in a pocket or backpack. Yet, the majority of them are very large and hefty for normal cameras.

These must be transported in a specific bag. You don’t have to wear a smartphone camera around your neck all the day if you have one. Simply snap a photo and put your phone back in your pocket to complete the process. Also, you won’t need to carry additional lenses, a flashgun or other accessories.

  1. Instantly Share on Social Media
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Have you recently flown into Maldives? Do you want to show off in front of your friends by showing them where you are? Well, you can easily do that by clicking a selfie or a good picture of yours with beautiful Maldives background behind and then upload it on Facebook and Instagram so that everybody can see where you are enjoying. As opposed to regular cameras, you must first transfer the images from the camera to your computer before sending them to your phone.

  1. Mobile Photography is Convenient

It is quite convenient to take photos using a smartphone. Practically anything and anywhere may be captured on camera. You can carry it anywhere you want due to its small size. And you can pull out your smartphone whenever you see a picture that’s worth taking.

  1. You can use Cloud for Backup

The ability to back up your photographs to the cloud is one of the key benefits of smartphone photography. This guarantee that none of your photos will be lost. You cannot back up to the cloud like you can with a standard camera. Also, there is a good probability that you will lose your images if the memory card is corrupted.

Where can you Utilize Mobile Photography?

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We have not seen professional photographers use mobile phones for their shots at events like weddings, concerts, or business gatherings, and we probably won’t for a long time. Professional photographers in this type of field would be laughing into the viewfinders if one of them did this.

The popularity of smartphone photography is mostly due to social media. People have been posting pictures of their daily lives on Instagram since it was created in 2010, primarily of their meals and cats. But social media photography has come a very far way since the days of grainy Valenica-filtered Instagram photos taken in a bathroom mirror.

We are currently living in the era of social media influencers.

In short, a social media influencer has mastered the skill of creating visually stunning photographs that millions or even thousands of people will scroll over and click the heart icon. Many social media influencers begin using that smartphone device that is always attached to their hands without any prior experience with a camera.

So, the actual mobile photography begins here. Social Media Influencers make use of their smartphones every time they want to click a photo whether it is a food photography, or a landscape photography.


People have a misconception that if someone has clicked a photograph with smartphone, the pics will be average but it is not like that. It requires a skill which many influencers has mastered in. So, in short, you can also take benefit of Mobile Phone Photography if you have the skill to click photos and clicking it from different angles.

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