Data Recovery in any Circumstance

Even after being deleted completely or emptied from the Trash or Bin, Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac can restore the data. Avoid losing more information by not saving anything fresh to your Mac after a data loss has occurred. You can get data recovery for mac by booting up Stellar and letting it scan your primary hard drive.

Recovers Information from a Previously Formatted APFS/HFS+ Disc

Data on a partition or volume before it was formatted will be erased during the formatting process. Stellar’s Mac data recovery program thoroughly scans the storage device to find as much of the lost data as possible. It uses a search method based on file signatures to find pieces of the missing information and reassembles them into a coherent whole. The software’s superior partition recovery functionality is useful in either the event of a damaged or deleted partition.

Recovers Data from a Formatted Mac Hard Drive

Data loss on a Mac can occur if the partition table is damaged (a corrupt partition), the partition is deleted, the partition is resized incorrectly, faulty sectors exist, the file system is corrupted, etc. If the partition disappears or is not visible to macOS, you will no longer have access to the data it contains. In such a scenario, stellar software is designed specifically for data recovery from Mac devices, performing a thorough scan of the deleted sector before safely extracting the recovered contents.

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Recovering from a Mac Crash Without StressĀ 

The new MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, Mac mini, or other Mac device may experience a crash or the “spinning beach ball of death” (or worse, “grey screen of death”) at some point in time. This software is useful because it enables data recovery from a crashed or non-booting Mac via an activated link without needing external bootable media.

Harmony of Relaxation and Practicality

You can select individual file kinds (document, email, photo, video, music, etc.) and storage drives/partitions to initiate specialized recovery processes within the software. Scanning settings can be modified to facilitate the rapid retrieval of deleted files. Stellar’s streamlined interface, consistent look, and straightforward recovery process make it a natural fit for macOS. To further aid in verifying and selecting the necessary data or files for recovery, it displays a preview of all recoverable data in a well-organized Tree structure.

Use Disc Imaging for Secure and Rapid Data Retrieval

The Retrieval of Data If your Mac has damaged sectors, you can create an image of the drive so that you can restore your data quickly and safely without worrying about losing it if your drive suddenly stops working. Drives prone to failure and cannot withstand the stress of any direct recovery technique can benefit from the disc imaging capability to retrieve their data safely. The software starts the data recovery process on a Mac when an image file of the storage device has been created. The software can recover data from a Mac hard drive quickly and safely, thanks to disc imaging.

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