Maximizing Efficiency: How An Online People Platform Streamlines Small Business Team Management

An online people platform is a modern people platform that helps small businesses take care of their teams. They provide full-service Payroll, health benefits, 401(k)s, expert HR, and team management tools for one transparent price.

Their software helps onboard new hires quickly with compliant background checks, e-signatures, and state tax registration. It also offers high-yield savings accounts to help employees grow their paychecks.


An online people platform offers a simple payroll solution that enables SMBs to manage their team’s paychecks. The company’s streamlined platform eliminates costly errors and helps owners save time, all while staying compliant with local and federal regulations.

To run Payroll, you start on the online people platform central tasks menu. Here, you can view all payroll-related actions you need to take and prioritize them based on due dates. An online people platform will notify you if any outstanding requests or payments need to be processed.

Unlike ADP, which requires a contract for businesses to use its services, the online people platform offers flexible pricing every month. The service’s plans scale based on business size, with higher subscription fees corresponding to more advanced features.

Besides basic Payroll, the online people platform makes managing contractor payments and filings easy. Additionally, the company offers a contractor-only plan for businesses without W-2 employees. Sites like Finch helps you with online people platform for dynamic startups and growing small businesses looking for a payroll partner that streamlines the process and makes employees happy.

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Employee Onboarding

An online people platform offers a full suite of modern people management products for SMBs, including Payroll, health insurance and 401(k)s, expert HR, and employee self-onboarding. It also provides tools that empower employees to make personal financial choices like saving, spending, and investing.

An online people platform is designed with dynamic startups and growing small businesses in mind. It is simple and easy to use, with a familiar, clean interface. It walks you through the setup process by entering company data, linking your business bank account, and setting up federal and state taxes. Once you’re set-up, you can quickly run Payroll by checking hours and pay rates and calculating withholdings and deductions. An online people platform also lets you store and manage company documents and provides a two- or four-day direct deposit option.

All accounts come with your choice of automated or manual Payroll for employees and contractors in all 50 states, plus access to self-service employee and contractor profiles. The Plus and Premium plans add HR guidance from an online people platform team of experts. A free trial is available for all methods.

Time Tracking

With an online people platform, employers can easily record employee hours and approve time off requests. The software also allows managers to track and approve expense reports. Once approved, expenses are automatically synced with Payroll.

All plans include essential HR tools like an applicant tracking system (ATS) and a self-service platform for employees and contractors. Managers can set up flexible paid time off policies and use online people platform built-in time clock to automate the payroll process.

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The company offers a free demo to all potential customers. An online people platform was created with dynamic startups and growing small businesses in mind. Its online hiring and management solutions include custom onboarding checklists, remote work support, background checks, software provisioning, benefits enrollment, and state tax registration.

The software combines all employee information in one place for a seamless experience. Its e-signature, document storage, and automation capabilities ensure all paperwork is received and received. It can also handle child-support garnishments and ensure compliance with the tip credit minimum wage requirements. It can also help employers save on health insurance costs by connecting them with licensed advisors to find the best options for their team and budget.

Employee Self-Service

An online people platform employee self-service tools allow employees to update their information, including addresses and tax records. It’s a time saver for small businesses that can help them avoid costly mistakes and comply with federal, state, and local labor laws.

An online people platform provides an employee onboarding tool to quickly get new hires up and running. It combines background checks and benefits enrollment with cloud-based services like e-signatures and state tax registration for an efficient process. It also helps SMBs streamline paperwork by sending forms to employees for completion and providing them with links to the information they need.

An online people platform also makes running Payroll easy. It automatically calculates and files federal, state, and local payroll taxes. In addition, it can handle pay schedules and historical payroll data. It can sync with accounting and time-tracking software for a seamless back-office experience. An online people platform plan start includes full-service Payroll, W-2s and 1099s, direct deposit and printable checks, and unlimited payroll runs. It can also integrate with medical, dental, and vision insurance and add time tracking for hourly employees.

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An online people platform is committed to protecting employee information, and its platform complies with HIPAA guidelines. Employees can trust that all activity and balances within the company’s cash accounts are secure. This also applies to their employee benefit information; all deductions and contributions are tracked within the company’s benefit dashboard.

The online people platform supports 401(k) and health insurance options for employees, with the latter offering several customizable plan options. They also support flexible spending accounts (FSAs), commuter benefits, and more. They even have a chance to sign up for workers’ compensation, which helps ensure compliance with local laws.

An online people platform plan includes basic payroll features, a mobile app for employees, access to a knowledge base, and phone and email support. The Plus and Premium plans offer more support through a dedicated help desk for businesses looking for additional HR management tools. This includes creating custom reports and a true HR professional who can advise on compliance matters and best practices. It also provides more robust HR software solutions, including workforce analytics and performance management.

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