Exploring One UI 6.1: Samsung’s Latest Software Evolution


Every year, Samsung enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the launch of a new Galaxy S flagship smartphone, and with each release comes the promise of not just hardware upgrades, but also a fresh iteration of the One UI. The latest offering, One UI 6.1, introduced alongside the Galaxy S24 series, brings a host of compelling AI-driven features that are set to redefine the user experience.

One UI 6.1 Design

While minor version updates of One UI typically don’t overhaul the user interface design, One UI 6.1 maintains a familiar aesthetic to its predecessor, One UI 6.0. However, notable visual enhancements are evident, particularly in the integration of the lock screen and Always On Display. The seamless transition of lock screen elements to the Always On Display, including wallpaper and widgets, adds a touch of elegance to the overall user experience.

In addition, Samsung has made several subtle refinements to enhance user convenience. Notably, Nearby Share has been integrated into Quick Share, streamlining the sharing process. Furthermore, the navigation gestures have been simplified, offering users a choice between traditional navigation buttons and Android’s navigation gestures, with the latter being lauded for its superior functionality.

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The animations in One UI 6.1 have also received attention, with smoother transitions and enhanced fluidity when navigating between apps, the lock screen, and the home screen, providing a more cohesive and visually pleasing experience.

One UI 6.1 Features

One UI 6.1 places a strong emphasis on AI features, marking Samsung’s foray into the Galaxy AI experience. The AI functionality encompasses a range of innovative features, including Circle to Search, Interpreter, live translation during phone calls, and Chat Assist powered by AI and LLM. Additionally, the integration of AI extends to powerful spelling and grammar checking, Auto Summary for Samsung Notes, Internet, and Voice, as well as transcriptions and generative editing in the Recorder and Gallery apps.

The Gallery app in particular benefits from the addition of instant slow-motion playback for videos, super HDR photo viewing, and generative wallpapers, elevating the visual and interactive experience for users. Furthermore, the display’s Adaptive Color Tone feature adjusts color and white levels based on environmental lighting, providing a more comfortable viewing experience in various lighting conditions.

One UI 6.1 Release

Debuting in January 2024 with the launch of the Galaxy S24 series, One UI 6.1 has set a new standard for Samsung’s software offerings. However, the timeline for its availability on older Galaxy smartphones and tablets remains unclear, leaving existing users eager for the update.

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With One UI 6.1, Samsung has not only introduced a refined user interface but also embraced the power of AI to enhance the overall user experience. The seamless integration of AI-driven features across various aspects of the software, coupled with visual enhancements and improved usability, underscores Samsung’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design. As the rollout of One UI 6.1 continues, users can look forward to a more intelligent, intuitive, and visually captivating smartphone experience.

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