How a Downhole Camera Can Find Your Oilfield Problems

When something goes wrong with your oilfield equipment the first thing you want to do is find out what the problem is. Then, you can work on getting it fixed so you can get back to work again. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to understand where the problem lies, because it could be far below the ground’s surface. To discover the source of the issue and decide how to fix it, you’ll need a way to see into the hole, and that requires the use of a downhole camera.

Get a Good View of the Problem Area

The first step toward fixing any issue with your well that’s below ground is to get a good look at the problem. That helps you make a plan for correcting it, or seeing if there’s too much damage to fix. In some cases a well can collapse or otherwise become too damaged to repair, but most of the time it’s possible to fix the issue and go back to using the well at full production again. A downhole camera can give you that look into the problem, so you can make the right decision and act quickly.

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Choose a Trusted Services Company for Support

A lot of oil production companies don’t own these kinds of cameras or have people trained to use them, but that’s where working with an oilfield services company comes in. By contracting with a company like Renegade Services you can get the use of a downhole camera from professionals who are trained to use it the right way. That’s good news for your company, as it’s easy and convenient to get the data you need to make an informed decision on the repair of your well.

Help Fix the Issue Quickly and Efficiently

The best thing you can do is find and fix the issue fast, because that’s the most efficient way to get your well working again and keep your company meeting its production goals. As soon as you have a problem with a well that you can’t diagnose from above ground, getting in touch with a services company that can provide downhole camera support is the right choice. Then, you’ll get information fast and can decide what to do next, so you don’t lose precious time in the production cycle.

Keep Your Oil Production Equipment Going Strong

Oil production equipment needs to work properly and consistently, and since oilfields are often large operations it can be hard to monitor everything at once. Even with the very best maintenance something can break down, and the goal is to find the issue, fix it, and get back to production again. A downhole camera makes that faster and easier, along with reducing your stress and providing you with increased peace of mind.

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