The Best 5 leading iOS apps you should try out right now

Whether you just got your new iPhone or looking to overhaul the application market on your iOS apps device, it is always a tedious task. The simple reason is that the market consists of tons of applications. You will find hundreds and thousands of applications in the same category, making it difficult for you to choose the best among all. For example, you will come across thousands of applications in navigation category, organization category, payment applications, and so on. Therefore, we thought it is time to present you with the leading iOS apps that are quite helpful in everyday life.

1.    1Password

1Password is free to download and unique application. It is always difficult to remember each application for all the individual applications on the phone. With the help of the 1Password app on your iOS, you can easily import all the passwords for different applications and secure it with a single password. A significant advantage provided by it is its ability to sync with their desktop application. Therefore, all you would be doing is remembering only one password.

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2.    Chrome

Although Apple ships with the best hardware and software, you can choose Google’s Chrome as your web browser. The web browser is popular across different devices and for a good reason – the presence of Incognito mode. The option enables you to browse the web in invisibility mode. It means that you will not be leaving any traces behind after browsing the Internet. Apart from it, it also offers additional features that make it web surfing on your iOS device less painful.

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3.    Lyft

Lyft is a free to download application available for iOS devices. It is always difficult to find a cab at any point. In such cases, the application is of high use. It operates in the main cities and heads directly to your pickup point whenever and wherever you require them. The pricing is less in comparison to the traditional taxi. However, you will have to keep a watch on the search pricing if there is a high demand in the region.

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4.    Google Photos

Although Apple has come a long way with its photo app, it still lags behind when compared with Google Photos. The smart assistant has the ability to store all the images in the cloud. It even organizes according to the date, making it simple for you to search. It even creates many films when there are a lot of photos.

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5.    Garageband

Garageband is a powerful digital audio workstation that provides both beginners as well as professionals the ability to record, create, and edit music. Although there are several applications are available, Garageband stands apart from all those due to the advantages it provides over the others. The professional interface, instrument lessons, logical instrument, 24-bit recording, and purchase of third-party plug-ins makes it the best workstation that a professional music lover would love to possess in their hand. Another advantage it provides is the output where users have complete control. Also, now Garageband for windows is also possible, so pull up your options and Start rolling the music!

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Hope you found some cool apps to use your iOS in much new ways, Happy Appl’ing.

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