Nowadays, there is a large number of drawing tablets present in the market that made it difficult for artists to arbitrate which tablet is suitable for them. These tablets come in various sizes and shapes having their different features. Some people want a tablet just to their art hobby whereas some people seek it for their professional work. Actually, the best drawing tablet enable you to do painting, drawing, writing something, uploading your content, and sharing your art. These tablets are a perfect option for children to learn drawing, it encourages them to get creative. I tried my best to list the best drawing tablets for artists that are available at an affordable price on the market.


1. Huion H610 Pro

Best Drawing tablets for ArtistsHUION H610 PRO is a known name in drawing tablets. It is one of the great product in its cheap price range. It includes a nice feature of the rechargeable pen which enhances its overall look. There are 16 customizable hot cells and 8 express keys which make it a good option for beginners as well as pros. The HUION drawing tablet is compatible with Windows and Mac that makes it versatile for users.

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2. Yiynova MVP22U

Best Drawing tablets for ArtistsThere will be chances of finding a perfect tablet in all other measures, except its price tag. But no need to worry if do not have enough money, you still can a buy a good tablet at an affordable price. YIYNOVA MVP22U is a drawing tablet which nearly has every capability of expensive products.



 Best Drawing tablets for Artists

With the advancement in technology, it becomes difficult for artists to decide whether they go for a drawing tablet or a laptop. Apple iPad is one of the first computer tablets available on the market. The recently released tablets from Apple is the iPad Pro specifically designed for digital artists. There are a huge number of free and paid downloadable drawing apps available on the App Store. In addition, iPad accessories are also provided with this tablet.



Best Drawing tablets for ArtistsSamsung’s designed an alternative to the iPad Pro, that is Galaxy Tab A. It is a great tablet for artists that come with a large screen size. Its lower price makes it an affordable choice. Included Wacom digitizer is a great feature, especially for drawing. Similar to other tablets, a user can access thousands of apps using the Google Play Store on the Galaxy Tab. The user can also access web browsing on this Galaxy Tab and watch videos.

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Best Drawing tablets for ArtistsIf you are seeking a laptop touch in a drawing tablet capabilities, then Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 2 is a perfect choice for you. This tablet is similar to a standard laptop having a big screen and keyboard. 360-degree hinge makes it possible for this laptop to be used like a standalone tablet.  Wacom pen is included in this tablet that makes it a great device for drawing purposes. It can easily be moved from one place to another because of its moderate size. It is available in the market with a very low rate. Thus, it is the best choice for students who need a device for both drawing and for schoolwork.


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