Blog Security Tips for 2021

Hackers equipped with sophisticated tools and techniques flood the internet daily intending to identify security vulnerabilities and loopholes. They will leverage on your security weaknesses to cause harm to your blog. Hackers may do anything from installing malware and viruses to redirecting your traffic to their sites if they find your blog vulnerable. Even though the internet has already witnessed thousands of security breaches that happen every other day, most blog website owners have not taken the issue of blog security with the utmost seriousness it deserves.

The mentality that your blog might be immune from cyber breaches, or that it would be of least interest to hackers, is a misleading one. Your blog is susceptible not only to security violations but also to the theft of content. We live in a world where content is a precious medal and uniqueness is a label of quality.

Your content remains at the risk of cyber attackers. If you do not have the proper security protocols to protect your blog, you have to speed before drawing the hackers’ attention. This article explains some of the best security practices that will keep cyber criminals far away from your blog.

Blog Security tips for 2021

Install an SSL Certificate

Do I need to install an SSL certificate on my blog website? Do I undertake the HTTP to HTTPS migration? If you asked me these questions a few years back, I would have answered with a “maybe, maybe not.” Ask me the same question now, and I will respond with a big YES!

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The SSL certificate is one of the best security protocols that you must-have for your blog. With the increasing number of security threats and internet vulnerabilities, you need an SSL certificate. The certificate plays an essential role in encrypting the communication between your servers and your clients’ browsers.

You need the certificate, not only for your security but also for the sake of your clients. More and more website visitors are getting acquainted with security knowledge and will be very keen on which sites they visit. Users now prefer HTTPS websites over HTTP websites. Google’s Transparency Report shows that 89% of all pages loaded on google chrome in January 2021 were served over google chrome.

Apart from security purposes, your blog will also have other benefits from the certificate. It is about time you started considering one for your blog. There are a lot of cheap SSL options which will be perfect for your blog.

Access Controls to You Blog

You should create a new WordPress administrator account to fend the attacks that target generic admin accounts. Moreover, be careful with who accesses your account. Never entrust your account to anyone, not even your best friend or close relatives. You are the only one who should access the account. Your friend could be the hacker in disguise who you least suspect. I am not saying that friends are hackers. I am merely warning you against trusting anyone with your accounts.

Set Strong Password

All the applications connected to your blogs, such as your administrator account and the web hosting control panel should only be protected with robust and unique passwords. Strong passwords are those that are hard to guess. They are a blend of numbers letters and symbols. Unique passwords are those that you have not used before on any account. Password security is a significant asset to your blog security, and I suggest that you take a few minutes of your time to look at best password practices.

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Choose a Secure Web Hosting Provider

The web hosting platform that you choose dictates your blog’s security level. Before finally selecting a specific web hosting platform, take your time to do your homework—research on their security to establish how adequate they are. Do not just choose a hosting platform because it is cheap. In most cases, cheap ends up being expensive. A good host will take all the necessary measures to ensure that the risks of data violations are reduced. The hosting platform will provide firewalls to filter inbound traffic and mitigate impending dangers.

Regularly Update Your Blogging Platform

Upgrading your WordPress to the latest version once the version has been released and tested is very necessary. The same case holds for all the other blogging platforms. The new versions will increase usability and seal all the security loopholes and patch vulnerabilities that could be hackers’ pathway to your blog. You do not have to regret over a security breach that you could have mitigated by taking a few seconds to install an upgrade. Never wait until it is too late. Ensure that you undertake that update when you see a popup notification telling you that a new update is available.

Frequently Back-up your Data

I have already mentioned, and I will repeat, nobody is immune to cyber breaches. Hackers are smart and trendy. They are always coming up with new techniques to break into your system. This is despite all the necessary measures you have installed. It might just be a matter of time before your blog is a victim. The question that you should seek to answer is what you will do in a successful data breach? The only thing that will come to your rescue is the backup file. Conducting regular backup ensures that your blog continues to run even after a data breach. It is like a contingency plan. Do not hesitate to create a backup file and store it safely.

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Moderate the Comments Section

A popular blog will most likely attract a lot of comments. Most blogs have a comment section where visitors can leave their feedback and opinions. Unfortunately, hackers are now exploiting this section and using it for the wrong reasons. Because it is possible to leave links and attachments in this section, people with malicious intent can leave fraudulent links that might threaten your blog and readers. The best thing to do is moderate your comments section to safeguard your blog and your readers from the malicious links.


Today, anyone can create a blog. It would help if you had a computer and internet. However, there is more when it comes to creating a successful blog. It takes energy, time and resources. It would help if you made a secure blog. Ignoring security measures could bring all your blog to an end in just seconds. It would be discouraging to see all your hard work go waste. For this reason, you need to plan and be a smart blog owner. It would be best if you integrated these tips to ensure that your blog is a success.


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