OBD2 Scanners can prove to be really handy as they can help you in diagnostics of the problem that you are facing in the car. There are two types of OBD2 scanners and both are good enough. In addition to this, OBD2 scanners can also save yours from a trip to the mechanic. If you also like to spend time with your car while working on it then here is the list of 5 Best OBD2 scanners which are available in the market.

OBD2 Scanner

  1. FixD OBD 2 Active Car Health Monitor – 2nd Gen

On number 5 we have FixD OBD 2 scanner and this scanner can help you in full engine diagnosis. In addition to this, it can also provide you a rough estimate of the maintenance cost that you will incur during your visit to the mechanic. The OBD2 scanner continues to monitor the vehicle all the time and it can also be linked to multiple devices via Bluetooth.


  1. Foxwell OBD 2 Code Scanner

Next on our list is Foxwell OBD 2 Scanner and this is the best you can get for scanning the problems with the engine. The OBD2 scanner can check the health of the car and it comes with an inbuilt LCD display to offer you visual clues about the problem in the car. The scanner also supports multiple languages and there is no external power source required to use this OBD2 Scanner.


  1. KOBRA Wireless OBD2 car Code Reader

KOBRA is known for the best OBD2 scanners and this scanner just needs a Wi-Fi connection to be connected to any Android or iOS Device. You can also upgrade this OBD2 scanner easily and in addition to this, it can be used with multiple apps. The App Store and Google Store are flooded with apps that can connect to this OBD2 scanner. In addition to this, the scanner also has a database of over 3000 codes which can help you in quick diagnostics of the problem.


  1. Autel Auto Link AL319 OBD2 Scanner

On number two we have a scanner from Autel and this is basically a Plug and Play device the tool can help you in reading codes, clearing codes and even resetting the codes as well. This scanner also comes with an LCD display and it is quite popular in the market. The scanner can help you in reading the live data and in addition to this, you can also freeze the frames while getting the data. This helps you in quickly finding the faults in the vehicle.


  1. BAFX Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

The best OBD2 Scanner available in the market now is this scanner which comes with a two year warranty. The device can be connected to any android phone with help of Bluetooth. This scanner is used by many professionals and it is certainly worth a purchase because of the affordable price and the huge list of features.

These are the best OBD2 Scanner Available in the market and you can choose any one of these as per your budget and requirements.


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