Is technology a sworn enemy or a friend of nature and humanity?

Is technology a sworn enemy or a friend of nature and humanity? Is there any possibility that technology can coexist or only one of them can be a winner?

Our planet is in danger

Our planet is the only one known source of life in the entire Universe. It is a complex world of delicate balances and dynamic cycles. As evolution develops extremely, almost ninety-nine percent of all spices that inhabited Earth are extinct now. Human is a creature that has everything to survive and to thrive on this planet. However, overpopulation, continuous pollution, and uncontrolled development may cause the fragile ecosystem to stop supporting a human being. Thousands of people all over the world try to stop acting irresponsibly to prevent the exhausting of the planet and to save the humankind. Today it is highly important to raise awareness of the importance of saving the planet through TV, internet, magazines, books and the net of People all over the world have to realize that the future of humanity is in their hands.


What do we get from the science and technology?

Science is the way we discover the past of our planet. Thanks to it, we can analyze the former periods, to understand the habits and instincts of the spices extinct. Such data gives us priceless opportunity to learn from their mistakes and to predict the possible dangers to find the way of avoiding or eliminating them. We can ensure our place on Earth by using three the most powerful things: science, ingenuity, and technology.

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The reality is that people prone to adapt to many changes and the history is a persuasive evidence of that. People outlived critical weather changes, they discovered the new ways of living, they invented numbers of vital things, and they managed to go through all obstacles and dangers. They did all that even without knowing what was waiting for them in the nearest future.

Today we have far more than they did. Thanks to technology, predicting the future becomes surprisingly simple. Besides, technology allows us to create desirable future. It develops the new ways to discover the innovations that will not only safeguard our continued existence but will provide a better life for us today and for generations to come.


Is the technology a real danger?

However, many people consider technology as the main danger for the planet. This belief is grounded in the fact that all the achievements and innovations are made at the expense of our planet. The supporters of this position state that nature cannot get along with technology and only one of them can survive in the war between them. That we have only two options: to continue to use technology and become extinct or stop using it and continue to live the way our ancestors did. In this theory is one inaccuracy – it assumes that modern technology is the same as twenty years ago. But, look around carefully. Do you agree that today we use the same technology that was used twenty or even ten years ago? Maybe there is one more option that allows living in the unity with nature and technology at the same time.

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The truth is that technology develops enormously, becoming more nature-friendly. Today’s technology uses recycling, alternative sources of energy, low or free of carbon emission mechanisms. It proves that technology of tomorrow will not contradict to our planet. The new technology advancements will work for nature and they will make the life better for people everywhere simultaneously. For examples, the skyscrapers will be turned into vertical farms that produce oxygen. The regular buildings will become smart, green and effective. The transportation that produces carbon dioxide will go the way of horse and buggy.

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