PDFBear: The Most Convenient PDF Splitter

The use of PDF files is a need these days, and finding the right tool online to convert, repair, split, and more can be challenging. But thanks to PDFBear, it can efficiently address those needs. With it being a web-based tool, you can access it anywhere, anytime. You can find many different tools to manage your PDF files; however, PDFBear is the most convenient and dependable tool that anyone can use. The PDFBear tool is especially helpful when you need to split your PDF files into separate pages or extract a page or two. Here’s how to use PDFBear’s split tool.

Splitting PDF Files

You might have several reasons why you would want to split PDF. Some of which can include wanting to extract a few pages from the original file, or removing a specific page due to it being unnecessary, or it may contain some errors and having the need to insert a new page or needing to make arrangements. Whatever the reason, PDFBear is the perfect tool convenient for splitting your PDF files.

If you are to use this feature, you will have two options as to how you can split your PDF file. You can extract a few pages from your original document or break your entire file into separate pages.

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Need to Combine PDF Files? PDFBear is the Solution!

Extracting Pages From Your PDF

The extracting pages option is useful when you want to pull out necessary pages like you are merely filtering the original file and dividing the pages that you don’t need from those that you do need. The process is pretty simple, follow these steps:

  1. A common way is the drag and drop or upload the PDF file that you want to split. You will then have the option of whether you wish to extract or divide it into individual pages.
  2. Choose the pages you want to break it to, from the original PDF, by clicking on the page.
  3. After you select the pages, click to refine the pages you chose.
  4. Export the file into an individual PDF.
  5. The split PDF will now be ready for you to download.

Other Convenient Features of PDFBear

Aside from easily splitting your PDF files, PDFBear also offers other features. With this tool, you can also convert your Word, Excel, HTML, JPG, and PPT files into PDF ones and vice versa. Also, you can merge pages of your PDF files using this tool.

After splitting files and extracting pages such as those that needed some fix and wanting to merge them again with the original, you can use PDFBear to accomplish that task.

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Additionally, you can use this tool to compress large PDF files. It is inevitable to have large file sizes sometimes. However, you may find yourself unable to upload it for submission or save it in your flash drive. PDFBear can give you an easy fix for such a dilemma by reducing the file size of your PDF by up to 70%

This tool is also reliable when it comes to repairing your damaged PDF files. Moreover, it has a protection feature, allowing you to add passwords to your files. It is convenient to use, especially for confidential documents. This tool will enable you to unlock encrypted PDFs as well.

The Best Web-based Tool

This platform provides you with an accessible tool within the tips of your fingers. It is readily available anywhere you may be and at any time through your smartphones, laptops, tablets, or desktops. Thus, all you need is a decent internet connection, and you can then use several features for your various files and address your needs. With its accessibility and ease of use, PDFBear is for everyone who needs to split, repair, convert, merge, compress, share, protect, unlock, and even sign their PDF files.

PDFBear is a safe and reliable online platform to help you manage your PDF files. Also, you are sure that it is secure because its system automatically deletes your uploaded files after an hour has passed. PDFBear is also SSL-encrypted. You don’t have to worry about the privacy of your file whenever you use the site. When dealing with PDF files becomes a burden, all you need is a reliable web-based tool like PDFBear.

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