Blogging Isn’t Dead: How ConnectPal, Other Platforms Are Making It Accessible

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Everyone wants to know where content creation is going. Some people think pivoting to video is the only way to go. Still others say constant, consistent blogging is still a steadfast resource in the world of content creation.

But every now and then, an article pops up saying that blogging is dead. Some outlets have been arguing the case for years, claiming blogs and bloggers are going the way of the dinosaur — as in, totally extinct, gone forever, the whole nine yards.

But it’s just not true. Blogging isn’t dead — it’s just changed a little. And while it’s true that content creators should keep up with the times and follow the trends when it comes to successful blogging, that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good.

Things like search engine optimization and video content are maybe more important than they used to be when it comes to content creation. But good creators and bloggers already know that, and most have found ways to either adapt or work around those obstacles.

The truth is, there are plenty of blogging platforms that still make blogging accessible and exciting for anyone. Some blogging platforms like GreatestJournal have, in fact, gone the way of the dinosaur. But not all of them. Far from it, in fact.

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There are so many content platforms out there for any aspiring blogger to choose from. They all come with different styles, different themes, and different popularity levels. Some are better for bloggers who just want to recap their day. Others are more appropriate for “influencers,” and people who are actively looking to make a living blogging.

In fact, content platforms such as ConnectPal are set up precisely to help bloggers make some money off of their content in an exciting, accessible way. Anyone can sign up for a ConnectPal page and post content. Then, they set a small monthly subscription fee for readers to pay to access that content. It’s as simple as it sounds.

ConnectPal makes it very easy for creators to monetize their content, without needing to worry so much about things like SEO or ad placement. That makes it the perfect blogging platform for people who want to get started with blogging, and maybe even make a little money off it.

Blogging isn’t dead — it’s just evolving. And new content platforms are helping bloggers to evolve too.

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