What are the advantages of the kilometer registration? Are you looking for a good method for mileage registration? Then you can choose not to do this on paper or on the laptop, but with the help of a special device for mileage registration. This device is installed in the car and automatically keeps track of the rides and characteristics of the rides. This is much more convenient than if you had to do everything on paper. Are you an accurate person and would you rather not purchase a device? Then it is also good to keep the kilometer registration on paper or digitally. It is then advisable to put the laptop or a notepad in the car. This way you can enter the data before and after each ride. If you do this right away, you will not have to guess later what the mileage was and which deviating route you took.

What can you measure with kilometer registration?

If you sit down for a while, the chances are that you will forget things or that you will make mistakes. You want to avoid that since a misaligned mileage registration can result in hefty fines. For this reason, many business people opt for a device. This means that they do not have to spend time on the kilometer registration and the chance of errors is significantly reduced. This saves you time, and the opportunity of a fine is greatly reduced. You do not only have to keep track of the kilometer registration for the tax authorities and the law to prevent penalties, but it can also be a tax advantage if you use your own car for business trips. Please note: if you use a business car for private trips while you do not pay any additional tax, you must stay under 500 km of private trips. You go over there, then you can also expect a fine. By keeping everything neat, you prevent such problems.

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Easy To Work With Mileage Registration Device

Do you already know the kilometer registration device? This is ideal for every employer who has, for example, drivers. You no longer have to keep track of your data in an analogous way and can therefore also prevent fraud. Who would not want that? The kilometer registration device works with GPS and is built into every car in an inconspicuous place. With the black box technique, the data can not be edited, only read. So you have no false data and a clear and useful document for the tax authorities, for example.

This piece of technology is recommended to every employer who has drivers, but also to freelancers who are often on the road due to work and need this information for the tax data. The product is recognized everywhere and therefore you do not need to submit any additional validation. GPS data is always correct, and that is the advantage of this.

No hassle

Are you an employer or a driver? Then you will also find this the end. You no longer have to keep track of data and register everything time after time. That saves an enormous amount of time and that way you get value for money. As a driver, you do not receive the time you spent on keeping the ‘administration’, for example. That is, of course, a shame! Now that you do not have to do this anymore and that a technical device might do better, you have time left. As an employer, you also create more goodwill among employees. Only advantages!

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There are many ELD devices in the market which provides a various method of registration. And each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. We find keep truckin eld Kilometer registration device the easiest. Which way you ultimately choose to keep track of your kilometers is of course entirely up to you. Make sure in any case that your mileage registration contains the correct information so that you do not have any problems with a possible inspection by the tax authorities.



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