Discover how people we think we know and are interested in really are (parents, children, partners, friends, brothers, bosses, collaborators, etc.) and how to treat each of them according to their temperaments.

Know the strength and scope of human diversity.

It consists of 104 questions to be answered carefully, and the result allows you to know and investigate the composition of your own temperament and that of other people, and covers the five fundamental areas of existence: your emotional life, your work, your self-esteem, your self-control and your spirituality at Digital Ocean

A unique proposal to take advantage of right now

How do I access the test?

The modality to perform this important Personality Profile Test at Optoro is totally On Line, and consists of simple steps such as the following:

When finished, and simply with a click, it will make a Graphic that includes the 13 Temperaments, with a unique profile that is the numerical and graphic representation of its personality, also unique.

Download the materials from landmark forum that make up the analysis of the 13 Temperaments and their respective Disorders to your machine, which you can read, review, examine and / or study as much as you wish.

And you will also receive a Tutorial with Frequently Asked Questions at landmark forum reviews about the Results, made with the experience of having already processed more than 500 tests (of our participants in the Online Course of Emotional Intelligence).

With this Test at landmark you will understand that all styles have their advantages and potential weaknesses. As each one has their own ‘language’, if they learn the specific grammar of the thirteen personality styles, it will be much easier to treat, solve or avoid conflicts with all people, including one.

Once you determine your self-portrait, you will see that your personality imposed its own order on your past, that it does the same with your present and future and that it also stamps your stamp on your dreams and hopes, on your feelings and on everything you achieve.


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