Quake: A Virtual 7.1 Gaming Earbuds With Vibration Feedback Technology!

We all love to play games but sometimes we used to play games without earphones and sometimes with earphones but while playing games with earphones in, it takes the enjoyment in to a very different level which we all know because we can hear the sound of each and every action much clearly but for that we mainly have to use traditional headsets which are heavy, sweaty and extremely uncomfortable. To let you release the pressure of using traditional headsets the Quake is been created.

The Quake is the new pair of gaming earphones which is been created to help you forget those traditional headsets which you mainly use for experiencing the sounds of each and every action of a game. The Quake is claimed to be one of the world’s lightest and the first vibrating gaming earbuds with Virtual 7.1! Why lightweight? Because it weighs just 18 grams and How it’s different from traditional headsets? Due to its lightweight, features and design.


  • Quake is been created to provide their users with an immersive sound experience of a game.
  • The world’s first vibration gaming Earbuds weighs just 18gm.
  • Has an EQ mode which is used to enhance the effects of Footstep and gunshots.
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 without a driver and the DSP controller can increase the sound by 20%.
  • Consists of a detachable noise-cancelling microphone which fades out the noise and increase your voice quality.

Every gamer wishes to have an immersive sound experience whereas traditional headsets are heavy, sweaty and very much uncomfortable for that Quake has been created. Quake is the world’s first vibration gaming Earbuds with virtual 7.1. The device weighs only 18gm which proved that it’s the world’s lightest multi-channel gaming earphones. It gives you 7.1 channel sound effects and the EQ mode enhances the effects of footsteps and gunshots which adds a new dimension of fun to your entertainment experience.

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The new pair of gaming Earbuds is been designed specifically to provide mobile gamers with a lightweight virtual surround sound 7.1 gaming earbuds equipped with microphone and vibration feedback technology.  The feedback technology takes the form of a built-in vibration unit that allows you to feel the gunshots and hear footsteps. Due to the noise cancelling microphone the Quake gaming Earbuds also allows you to even clearly communicate with your teammates.


  • Built-in vibration unit,
  • Virtual 7.1 channel sound effects,
  • Immersive sound experience,
  • Detachable Noise-canceling microphone,
  • Exhilarating Gaming Experience,
  • Ultra Compatibility.
The 10mm vibration unit specialises in bringing out the bass effects of low-frequency sounds. It also consists of a control unit, using which you can adjust the sound, manually toggle microphone level without going into system settings, and pickup or hang-up a phone call. It’s is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 without a driver and the sound core DPS driver can increase the sound by 20%. The Noise-canceling microphone which it consists of employs the ENC MIC technology and it effectively fades out the noise and improves your voice quality.
When travelling or listening to music with Quake, you may detach the microphone for maximum comfort. When playing first-person shooter games, it’s necessary to identify the source of sounds with precision. Quake replicates the exact location of every footsteps and explosion to provide you with the most virtual world experience. The mini internal vibration unit is powered with the 3.5mm headphone jack which is without the need of an external power source.

Quake gaming Earbuds employs a daring conceptual design which reduces its weight to 18 grams, also with a 10mm internal vibration unit it enhances your gaming and entertainment experience to a new level of realism. With a single touch, you can use your preferred listening device for matching what you’re doing- whether you’re playing a video game, watching a movie or filling your room with your favourite music. Hear your battlefield and pinpoint your opponent with ease as the sound software calibrates your audio for a 360-degree experience.

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Quake is compatible with gaming and video experiences on PC, smartphones, Tablets and various mobile devices. Especially bit enhances the sounds of gunshots and explosion. The headsets are so comfortable that you will think that whether you have worn it or not. It has been created by stripping down all the unnecessary components, and at the final, it leaves a minimalist design which is more efficient at suspending the headset while being as light as possible.

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