FIPILOCK 2S : The Ultimate Smart Fingerprint Lock

In today’s era security is a primarily concern of every individual, and we all know that a proper lock is a crucial component to home security. Locks, whether traditional or modern, smart or dumb, are designed to keep trespassers and other unknown people out while at the same time letting the right person in without much complications. With the increase in the advancement in the technology, we now have a smart lock which is more convenient, secure and smarter. Fipilock 2S is a smart fingerprint lock. No more keys or passwords, just your fingerprint is required to unlock the lock.


• Weather-resistant, perfect for travelling and outdoor adventures.
• Resistant to information leaks and fake fingerprint attacks.
• Stores10 sets of fingerprints;share the lock with family and friends.
• 360° fingerprint recognition.
• Holds weight of up to 100 kg.
• Protects your bags, luggage, suitcases, cabinets, bikes, doors, and a variety of others items.
• Lightweight And Portable.
• Keyless Entry With Fingerprint.
• 1 Year Rechargeable Battery Life.
• Durable Steel Wire.

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About Fipilock.

FIPILOCK 2S is a lightweight, multifunctional fingerprint smart lock. Its portability makes it the perfect option for anything! Use it on front doors, backpacks, luggage, bicycles and much more. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes withknowing that your belongings are safe.

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Compared with traditional locks, Bluetooth smart locks and ordinary fingerprint locks, FIPILOCK 2S is much safer and more convenient, as it’s truly keyless. Competitors have a variety of negative drawbacks traditional locks have losable keys Bluetooth and password locks can be hacked, and ordinary fingerprint locks have sensors that can easily be tricked.
FIPILOCK 2S is designed to protect your belongings. Physical keys and combination codes are redundant. FIPILOCK 2S is superior to the simple match-and-unlock mechanism on ordinary locks, as access is only allowed through your unique fingerprint.
Unlike Bluetooth smart locks that run on Bluetooth connectivity, FIPILOCK 2S is operated by independent AI, which drastically reduces the chances of information disclosure.
FIPILOCK 2S supports a new kind of capacitive fingerprint sensor: up to 508 DPI which allows FIPILOCK 2S to recognize rich fingerprint textures.It only responds to the fingerprints of living people, so fake silicone or gelatin fingerprints will be rejectedby the sensors.
It uses an integrated stamping method to create a full zinc alloy casing, which prevents brute force from breaking the lock. Its shackle is made of 304 high-strength steel wire, which holds up to 100 kg.
FIPILOCK 2S has an advanced fingerprint sensor which can read fingerprints in a full 360° of orientation. Up to 10 fingerprints can be registeredinto the lock so that you can share it with friends and family.
It is IP65 waterproof, dustproof, and it even worksbetween temperatures of -10°C-45°C. This means that your lock will keep your items safe in the rain, allowing you to enjoy outdoor adventures.
For a device that needs to last, battery strength matters the most. FIPILOCK 2S uses a 260mAh built-in battery, which has a tiny energy consumption (0.5μm), allowing for one year of normal use (with more than 5000 times of unlock/lock action) or two years standby on a single charge.


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