Guide to choose Electricity Company

The consumer can choose today, eleven years after the opening of the electricity market, among a total of 425 marketers and their corresponding offers. There are green ones, from the North, expensive, cheap, more expensive, cheaper, less expensive, and less cheap, from the South, cooperatives and limited companies.

And here begin the headaches, and the questions:

Which Canada energy supplier I choose? Now what do I have? How much natural gas,

do I contract? How do I change the company? Will I run out of light in the transition? Combined offer or separately? Am I free market or PVPC? We untangle the cable.

The National Commission of the Competition (CNMC) offers a comparator of online offers that discriminates them by postal code, power and consumption estimated. The consumer information offices are another recommended visit when one is entangled in this reel of offers, as well as the websites of consumer organizations and users.

Consumers have two options: the regulated tariff set by the Government, the so-called PVPC, of the reference marketers or go to the free market. The marketers in the regulated market, or reference, sell exclusively the energy with the regulated tariff fixed by the Government. In the free market everything depends on what is agreed with the marketer. There are good rates, but there are also very bad ones.

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The reference ones are the cheapest – and the most common – with Canada energy savings. This is what the CNMC says in its Supervision Report on the offers of the gas and electricity retail market. In the free market, everything depends on what is agreed with the marketer. For and this and to find the best offer for the place of residence and consumption, nothing better than to compare. The online offers comparator of the CNMC presents the most updated table of the market.


The distributor owns the electricity network, the marketer sells it. With the liberalization of the market in 2009, the distributors created their own marketers and simply transferred the customers from one to the other. Anyone who has not moved a finger since then will receive both services (distributor and marketer) from the same company.

From the CNMV, which gives the measure of the pace of company transfers? The consumer looks for the lowest price. And sometimes he finds it.

It will end with the quarterly auctions in the market and the prices were formed every hour of every day. According to the data of the consultant Ingebau, it was not seen an expensive holiday for almost three years. It was the day of the National Lottery, on December 22, 2013, which fell on Sunday.

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