The delicate improvement in Blockchain, since the launch the launch of Bitcoin has propelled some abiding quality and favourable circumstances in the way transactions are taking place.

The blockchain is the simplest of terms is a digital ledger of transactions, which are identical to the traditional ledgers that record debits and credits between people. The blockchain is entirely decentralized, which means they have no central clearing house like banks; also there is no central ledger held by a single entity.

Here is a list of Blockchain projects that are revolutionizing the way blockchain technology is being used today.

Angry Panda

Angry Panda is a cryptocurrency project that aspires to protect the investors from the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies, promising that the entire value is paid for its coins.

Angry Panda not only provides users with security and build confidence in the minds of investors but also is designed to assist and boost the use of cryptocurrencies by offering them fast, affordable and more secure ways to send payments.

Angry Panda comprises four tokens: ROAR, XPAND, UBEAR and EBEAR. The special characteristic of each token is that they adequately meet various needs of customers.

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It also allows businesses to start utilizing Angry Panda coins as payment methods. Users can also get rewarded for promoting Angry Panda currencies. They get a percentage of what their followers or investors have purchased with the referral code shared to them.


BitFury has its offices in San Francisco, Washington D.C., Hong Kong, London and Amsterdam. BitFury is the largest miner located outside of China; works with the blockchain technology as the developer of software and hardware that are essential for business, government, organizations and individuals to maul assets across the blockchain securely.

The data centers of BitFury are located in Canada, Iceland, Norway and the Republic of Georgia.

BitFury was founded in 2010, which is now positioning the business for global blockchain leadership; employing more than 700 people in over 17 countries.

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21 Inc

21 Inc is a free software that manages to turn any computer into a blockchain computer. The interesting fact about this software is that you can get bitcoin from any device in almost any country without the need of a bank account or a credit card.

It offers an entry-level option for bitcoin developers to create Bitcoin-associated applications, allowing them to buy and sell digital goods for Bitcoin.

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21 Inc. customers receive clear documentation for developers and the latest of information on the bitcoin fees.

With an effort to make its Bitcoin Computer library user-friendly, the developers at 21 have released documentation in a significant amount.

Formerly known as 21e6, 21 Inc. was founded in 2013 during the bubble. Later in the year 2015, they raised $116 million in venture capital.

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Hyperledger is an open source blockchain project with an effort to build advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. A collaboration that is hosted by The Linux Foundation, combining the leaders in fields such as banking, finance, supply chain, Internet of Things(IoT), technology and manufacturing.

The collaborative effort helps in identifying and validating the essential features that prove to aid in various industries and applications.

Although the platform does not provide support to bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency, it is still excited about the blockchain technology.

Hyperledger goals are to educate the general public about the increasing market opportunities for the blockchain technology.


Blockchain technology is very much in its early stage as most of the people are failing to understand the use cases of this technology. The most popular of the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is still a subject to volatility because of the status as something which is prone to hack attacks.

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The potentiality of blockchain aims in solving some of the significant problems that we are facing today. The blockchain is an astonishing technology that stores measures of essential documents in different ventures such as human services, copyrights and many more.

Blockchain eradicates the need of an agent concerning the authorization of certain contracts.


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