Content marketing for beginners and how to create a successful campaign?

Content marketing, what is it? I wrote this guide based on my case study for my client, Lovegasm, and also as an internal resource but I hope it can help other teams doing content marketing. It’s something like a content marketing guide for novices. You will learn the main keys to a good content marketing strategy as well as sophisticated ways to research refine and improve the results of your content marketing team.



Principles of content marketing:

Content Marketing has 6 principles that I ask you to write in stone and never forget. It does not matter if you are writing a blog or thinking about a new webinar campaign, we have discovered that these variables have the greatest impact on the success of your content marketing. Content creators can set up their own ConnectPal web page in few minutes.

Your Content Marketing must influence the success of your clients:

Maybe writing sometimes feels abstract. But our clients come to our website with specific problems. If they fail to increase their Instagram followers of customers, could í and lose business. If they cannot find a faster way to create reports, they need to fight a tough battle with a frustrating Excel spreadsheet. Before reaching our goals, we must help our clients solve their problems. Everyone agrees with this. But the funny thing is that, very often, content marketing tries to solve the problems of a company (to tell people about the characteristics of their product so that they fill out a form) instead of solving the doubt that brought the reader to the page first.

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Your Content Marketing must be based on reality:

To make a client successful, you need to write about what is really causing you problems. The best way to do this is to root the content with a real vision. Talk to the sales team. Talk to customers Look for specific problems that people are trying to solve. Organization the business difficulty of worldwide and limited team is not a concrete difficulty. Instead, something likes how I can make our local offices actually read the policies of our brand?” Is more like what people are really trying to do every day in their work?

Your Content Marketing should be simple:

Readers are not stupid and you are not smarter than them. But they also do not have time to wonder what you meant by “enter your workflows to generate more income.” It is important that you use a specific language. Write as if you were addressing a child who is in 5th grade. Connect Pal is one of the best platforms for content creators where a user can set up his own page for readers to subscribe and can get paid for his hard work when a reader subscribes to his page.

Your Content Marketing must sound human:

Sentences and short paragraphs work better. Avoid using complex words. When you see that a sentence has more than 15 words, consider cutting it using a comma. Try to include a mixture of long and short sentences. Avoid using generic language. The job of a writer is to destroy the clichés.

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Your Content Marketing must offer solutions:

Many contents offer generic advice, such as “optimize social network profiles”. Instead of doing this, it offers advice that people can take advantage of and launch immediately after reading your content. Ask yourself, after reading the content, what can the reader to apply it immediately to your work?

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